3885OW Spirocore Orchestra String question

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  1. I recently bought a set of Spirocore Orchestra lights. But the set that was delivered are listed as Orchestra 3885OW, not regular S42, which I usually buy. I play a 1941 Epiphone 3/4 size which us what the strings are listed for...3/4 size. What is the difference in sound/playability between the 3885OW and reg S42 orchestra lights. The price was about $40.00 less than the S42 as well. So far they seem a little brighter, maybe a little "thinner" sounding, but that's all I can discern at the moment.

    Comments appreciated!
  2. iiipopes


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    I have a thread on this. The 3885W set will have slightly more tension overall than the S42W set, and will be more even from string to string. Since your Kay is a 42 inch mensure, it will have a tad more tension than the "standard" 106mm, 41 3/4 inches that the tension figures are based on.

    I'm surprised you think they sound "thinner," as overall, there has to be a tad more mass in each string in order to have the greater tension, and when I changed from a S39W to a 3885.5W I noticed more body to the tone as well as the very slight increase in tension.

    Then again, brand new strings will all sound artificially bright until they settle in after a couple of months. Give them some time. I think you will come to really enjoy them.

    Here's my thread on all the Spiro sets. Scroll to the bottom where I had to fix some typos.
  3. I woundn't say slightly more tension, it is almost as much tension than a S42 (Mittel). But read iiipopes list of spiro tensions. They need some time and playing to open up a bit more.

    The brightness comes from the strings being new. This will mellow down after a few weeks (probably days).

    I feel the 3885.0W sound less open (on my 105cm Clevinger EUB) than the S42W (which I used on my acoustic 110cm Wilfer). But there is indeed less difference across the strings with the 3/4 set than with the 4/4 set.

    Try them for a few weeks and if you don't like them sell them used (not so much of a problem if they have been cheap) and get your S42W set again.

    Personally I understand why you don't like them (at least at the moment). I prefer the S42W set too, but I also need the longer strings on my 4/4. Everyones taste is different.
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    Is it possible to use the 3885.0W on a 42" string length bass? Right now I have the S42W but I wouldn't mind a bit more tension, but not as much as the S42 Mittel. What are the problems? The strings might not fit or the red part at the bottom will be closer to the bridge?
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    The 3885.0 W are designed to go on a 3/4 bass, you have a 3/4 bass, enjoy! ;)
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    May 4, 2009
  7. I think there is not much difference between the tension of a 3885.0W and a S42 (Mittel) on the same scale. It is more the sound and maybe the bowing where they are different.
    The strings should fit on your 42" scale if you have a 4-string instrument.