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  1. Hello Everyone

    Im interested in doing to 3D animations on the computer and i wondered if anyone else does any. If you do what programs do use and where did you learn to use it.

    I downloaded a program called maya and its supposed to be the best out there but im having trouble learning how to use it

    Oh yeah post some animations if you have some to

  2. Wrong Robot

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    Apr 8, 2002
    when I was little I dabbled in it. I used Bryce mainly(bryce 2.0 baby! w00t) eventually I got bryce 4 and I did a bunch of 3d modeling and some animations. I also used a program called infini-d that is no longer made. I never made anything any good(animation wise) but I enjoyed modeling a lot.

    Maya is tough, it's professional grade, certainly not what you want to be starting on, unless you have a fatty manual.