3Leaf Audio PWNZOR Bass Compressor

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  1. PRICE LOWERED :hyper: 3Leaf Audio PWNZOR #067 - mint condition with box and bag. This is a great compressor from Spencer at 3Leaf Audio. One of the best out there IMO – used only twice in the studio and put back in the bag and box. I need to sell to pay for other GAS.

    [DEL]$185[/DEL] $175 shipped to lower 48 states - PayPal or USPS Money Order

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  3. :hyper: Treat yourself with an early Christmas gift!
  4. Milk_Steak


    Oct 23, 2011
    hey im interested is this still available? Do you have any interest in a sansamp bddi with some cash on top of it?
  5. No trades on this one - I need the cash!

    Thanks for your interest.

  6. Milk_Steak


    Oct 23, 2011
    alright ill be in touch, maybe picking this up in the next day or two if things go well at work, ill let ya know
  7. Interested. Will you ship to Australia?
  8. Available to lower 48 states - CONUS ONLY!

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  10. Pic added per request!

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  11. Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  12. Thanks for the offers, but I still just need the cash for other GAS!

  13. Thanks for the offers everyone, but I need the cash on this one! $175 shipped to CONUS via PayPal or USPS MO. Come and get it!
  14. This is a great compressor and still available.
  15. Franktone


    Jan 29, 2013
    Hi Kevin
    I'm interested in your PWNZOR. I recently talked to Spencer at 3Leaf and he let me know that a few of the compressors were experiencing some issues and needed to be returned for service. Here's the info from his website re: the PWNZOR:

    Note: Some units in serial number range 25 – 75 are experiencing uneven release characteristics due to a drift in the spec of the photocell. Contact me if your PWNZOR is affected and I will fix it.

    I was wondering if you had returned your #67 to Spencer for repairs.

    Thanks Franktone

  16. Frank, I contacted Spencer and he said that before I purchased #067 that it had already been repaired.

  17. bassfreakah


    Mar 26, 2011
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    that's great to know.