For Sale 3Leaf Proton V3

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    Here’s a very hard to find 3Leaf Proton V3 envelope filter. I’ve owned more envelope filters than I care to admit, and there’s no doubt that this is one of the best.
    173FCE3C-678C-413E-9B95-E18ABDB54D14.jpeg EEFE450C-6560-4497-BA7B-AB8137DEE7EF.jpeg

    As you can see, the pedal is in excellent condition. The previous owner addes velcro to the bottom, and apparently owned a cat.


    Here’s the bad news. I paid too much for this pedal (in my opinion) and now you can, too. 3Leaf filters are very hard to find now that Spencer at 3Leaf is only making them every once and a while, and in small batches that sell out immediately. My asking price is actually less than what I paid for it, and less than what they usually sell for. Price includes shipping to CONUS.

    No trades, thanks.
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