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3RD gig

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by SLAPBASSPLAYA5, May 9, 2004.

  1. hey whats up all? i just got done with my 3rd "gig" last night (saturday may 8th 04) it was great. in the 1st 2 gigs i had a couple song with some slap & one song that was mostly slap, but never a bass solo. well that all changed last night! i had about a one minute and thirty secong solo, mostly slap with some 16th note fingering stuff. it was great. once i got to the middle i started throwing in all my left handed slap techs & the crowd was going crazy! they were all cheering real loud. one guy screamed out "slap that thang". lol. all in all it was a great show. but it was a talent show & now that were pretty well know in waukegan they always put us at the end of every show so that were the final act. lol so my drummer & i wound up having to move all the stuff around for the other acts. it seemed like a thousand years before we got to play. but when we finally did, the 1st song went perfectly with mess ups, but that was the easy one. then our guitarist did a acoustic song with our friend who sings. then was the final song with the bass solo we call it "the 3rd funk song" & we were doing this all the time up until the day of the show & we were like "uh...we need a name for it" so we saw on the back of a camper it said "Shasta" & we came to find out it was the name of a old pop. so that was the name. it was pretty funny too, because they had that pop at the show. lol. but yea, all in all it was great & we all got through the songs flawlessly.& now im a hero to all the waukegan-ites who like good bass.
  2. oh... ok... good?
  3. I did that once too, and everybody got naked.

  4. lol yea, sorry there is no point to the story. just thought i would tell everyone.