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  1. Greetings forum! i was recommended to this site from another forum when i asked if anyone could recommend me to some 4-finger picking exercises. I can play pretty quick with my index and middle fingers but i cant quite pound out the 64th notes like Jaco or Myung, so could someone help me out here?
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    I can't give you any excercises, but I can tell you that Jaco played with strictly two fingers.

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    Start these 4 finger patterns on one string. Then, when somewhat developed, start skipping strings. Play each 4 finger pattern per string for starters. Once the fingers are developed then you can start playing using a pattern to play over multiple strings.

    1/16 or 1/32 note patterns

    1/16 note triplet patterns

    To help develop a&c fingers you can also try these finger patterns


    Try doing 1/4 or 1/8 notes on one string.

    Also check out my free lesson on Truefire.com on resistive practicing. This approach can really speed up you development.


    Hope this Helps,
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    Do you mean picking with thumb,index,middle,ring or index,middle,ring,pinky?
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    I have been studying with Matt Garrison and he has the 4-finger thing down cold. He also has a book coming out sometime in the fall that completely covers the 4-finger technique.
    He showed it to me and I must say, it looks pretty in-depth. Check his site for updates.

    His technique seems to generally (but not all the time) involve:

    Thumb-1st-2nd-3rd then repeat

    Hope this helpswww.garrisonjazz.com