SOLD 4 interesting basses, final price drops and ebay shenanigans

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    Nov 25, 2007
    Epiphone Jack Casady w/case - $632.43SOLD ON EBAY



    I had been trying to buy one of these at below market price for like 5 years, but they price just doesn't waiver. I bit the bullet and bought one, and I loved it for 2 weeks, and then I just started having aches and pains from trying to play the thing. I play with my bass slung a little low, and my geometry just doesn't get along with the big hollow body.
    Hopefully the pictures tell the story, its in really nice shape, some faint finish swirling on the back. There's a little chipping around the screw holes for the pickguard (which I do not have) and some paint defects around the inside of the f-holes, which I suspect were there when it left the factory. A small paint imperfection on the top of the body by the f-hole as shown, not sure if that was factory or not. Great looking bass from even 6" away. If I did a lot of recording I'd probably keep this around. I was blown away by the tone. I'm not really a guy that likes old school tones that much. I was pretty surprised by the versatility. If they'd put those electronics in a solid body, I'd be all over it. Electronics function, but pots are a little scratchy when turned. From what I've read its a pretty common issue with these.

    Fake/Counterfeit/Chinese (not) Rickenbacker-like instrument w/ significant upgrades - $500 SOLD!!



    I had a real Ric several years ago, and couldn't play it for more than 15-20 minutes without the binding digging into my arm. I ordered this just a little over a year ago from a seller on one of those Chinese sites. At the time, Ric was not making the 4003s, so I thought I had to go around them to get a similar bass with no binding. I asked the guy if I could get a different color than the black that was in the ad, he told me they would paint it literally any color, so I went with a nice, subtle, CONSTRUCTION WORKER ORANGE WITH METALFLAKE. If you're at all interested in these, you've probably seen some of the review threads. A lot of these issues have been taken care of. The bridge they come with is quite possibly the worst bridge I've ever seen, designed to look like a Ric bridge, with none of the (already low) functionality. Height adjustment was impossible, and action was terrible. Now it has a Hipshot bridge. The stock pickups, functioned, but were not really doing anything for me. It now has a real (to the best of my knowledge) Ric pickup in the bridge, and a Guild Bi-Sonic pickup in the neck. Either one sounds spectacular. I never got around to re-wiring it like a bass, it has the stock les paul styled wiring where turning down one volume effects overall volume, so I never really was totally in love with the sound of blending them, but I suspect if you could actually mix volumes there would be some great sounds from mixing them. The Guild pickup was too close to the strings sitting on top of the pickguard, so I did a less than perfect (but a grade above hack) job sitting it flush with the body and cutting the pickguard around it. The Chinese paint job is pretty damn nice to look at, with the exception of the bass side body joint, there was literally no paint there from the factory. I put some orange nailpolish on it, that doesn't match perfectly, but made me feel better about it. With all the upgrades, the playability is pretty darn good, but once I was able to play for more than 15 minutes, I discovered there are other things about the Ric design that I'm just not a huge fan of. I think this cost me $330 from China, and I've got about $200 in upgrades on it.

    Pink Mark Hoppus Signature Bass (In Pink!) - sold on ebay




    A Mark Hoppus bass, from the first run, and in the rarest color, Shell Pink. I wanted this bass when I was 16 years old, and I got it (when I was not 16 years old) I don't actually remember when I got it, I've had it longer than all but 1 of my basses, and I played it almost every weekend for about the last 6 or 7 years. Condition is not great. I had a semi hard (?) Fender case I kept this in, and one of the rivets came apart, and caused the particularly nasty gouge in the lower portion of the body, near the output jack, it did the same thing to my USA Jazz (the bass I have had the longest, if I left anyone hanging earlier) before I realized it, and stopped using it. The G string tuner took a hit in shipping, or before that, I don't know, and it was bent when I got it. I bent it back, and have had no problems with it, but the chrome plating has come off around the bend. There is a finish crack at the forearm contour, and a couple on the bottom by the big gouge, I don't know what caused those, and I replaced the pickup with a GFS pickup, because I just got to the point where I couldn't stand to hear one more note played through that Quarter Pounder. I've always been able to feel the skunk stripe on the back. Its never been an issue, but seems worth mentioning. If I could, I would require you to continue stringing it with DR neon pink strings if you buy it. I can't, but if you put plain strings on, don't tell me about it.

    Ibanez SRKP4 (with built in Korg Mini Kaoss Pad) - $250


    This bass is just a blast to mess around with. Lots of usable sounds with the onboard distortion, and Kaoss Pad, and many unusable sounds too. So I convinced myself that I absolutely needed this bass. I play in a band that does a lot of modern pop tunes, and if I had my way, I'd do even more with it, like start an EDM band. So I got this bass, and while it was still in the mail to me, I ordered electro-luminescent wire to put on it. (I mentioned earlier what a big fan of subtlety I am) It looked amazing, but it was annoying. I attached it with double sided tape, and in certain places, I would get a little sweat on it, and it would start coming off. Eventually I got sick of it, and took the EL wire off, and without it, the bass just doesn't have the same appeal to me that it once did, plus I don't like the idea of having to play one bass on certain songs, or having a pedalboard set up to play things, and then not using it, if I feel like playing this bass. The double sided tape left no residue, but in trying to get it off, I took a little finish off with my fingernail. There's also some dents in the back that don't go through the finish. I don't know what ibanez finished this with, but its not a very hard finish. I touched the fingernail marks up with sharpie, and its pretty hard to see until you get right up on it.

    General information

    I'm not looking for trades, but I hate when people put "absolutely no trades" in their ads. I bought a bass from guitar center on credit card recently, so I'd like to pay that off, and use the rest to buy a bike. I'm a pretty tall guy, so if you have a large, or possibly extra large bike, and it makes sense to ship it, or drive it here, I'd consider trades for that. I'm pretty set for basses right now, but you never know. I like basses that are Fender, Fenderish, classic inspired designs. I also like pastel colors, sparkly colors, and racing stripes. Absolutely no natural finishes, or sunburst finishes allowed. Black and white are frowned upon. I don't really need another fretless basses, but I will look at them. I don't want anything with more or less than 4 strings. I'm pretty set for pedals unless you have a tap tempo tremolo, with beat divide, and waveform.

    While nobody likes "lowballers" I will read and respond to every message, and I won't start a thread complaining about it later. I expect the Jack Casady to be a pretty easy sale, so I'm not very negotiable on that, but they are all certainly open to offers. Some of them are hard to put an exact value on, and none of them are all that common to find for sale.

    Feel free to send any offers, questions, or picture requests.

    I bought a bike, so I'm really just looking to sell this stuff now. I would still take a trade for a tap tempo tremolo, with beat divide, and waveform selection.

    I sold the bass that I can't sell on ebay, so if these don't get some interest soon, I'm gonna put them on ebay. I'd like to pay the bike off before my credit card starts charging interest.
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  2. I like your enthusiasm for ghastly string colors! :D:laugh:
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    You were right about the increasingly interesting part! Good read and GLWTS
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    I dig your mood!
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    Not really interested in your basses, sorry... but you write so well that I read the whole post and then re-read it for fun.
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    Nov 25, 2007
    I edited out some typos. I forgot to mention that all prices are shipped to continental US (as is talkbass custom)

    Discounts available for people willing to sign affidavits to string with crazy colors!

    No sales yet. I've gotten more interest in the ad, than what's in the ad. So, maybe I'll start selling ad writing services.

    Just for fun, here's a picture of the Ibanez with EL wire.

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    Best classified ad I've read on here!
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    Easily the best classified I've seen on here.

    Pm in your box
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    Haha, great ad, love that Ibanez!
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    Nov 25, 2007
    It's for sale you know.

    Fakenfaker is on hold.
  11. Meyatch

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    Nov 25, 2007
    Frickenfracker is sold! 3 interesting basses remain
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    Nov 25, 2007
    New interesting price drops for remaining basses!
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    Nov 25, 2007
    main ad updated. I'm even less interested in trades than I was before. I have actually not gotten any offers on any of the 3 remaining basses, so if I don't see some interest in the next couple days, I'm going to put them on ebay.
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    Nov 25, 2007
    Sold the Casady on ebay, typical ebay shenanigans caused the Hoppus not to sell. The ibanez received no interest.

    Final price drops, I will keep these before going lower.
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    Nov 25, 2007
    I sold everything now.