4 on the floor - Show off that pedalboard!

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    Nothing like a little eye candy to make you feel that GAS... SHow off that pedalboard here!


    A bit of a clean-up and rewire today. After some changes over the last year, this has become my go-to setup for 90% of the live work with my MTD Kingston Basses . The pedalboard is a custom job by NY Cases and houses all the wiring and my Line6 Wireless receiver underneath the top shelf so I conveniently only have to run one line + power every evening. Saves a hell of a lot of time and incredibly dependable.

    The EBS Compressor & TC Electronics Spark booster/preamp stay on all the time leaving only a few effects that are used here and there for flavor. The TC Electronics Chorus & Flanger are programmable via smartphone which makes changing settings a breeze. That only leaves the Mojo-Mojo overdrive for a bit of crunch.

    This is all topped off with the new Fishman Fission Bass unit – which is basically a bass synth that splits the signal out to a guitar amp adding 4 part harmonies to keep things nice and thick while a guitarist solo’s.

    Looks like I'm using a bunch of effects - but really just little additions to make or break the song.

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  2. There is a long running PYPB thread for showing off your stomp toys. How I the fission working for you?