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  1. I want to buy a new bass, but I'm not sure if I should get a 5 or stick with a 4. I've spent several hours playing 5s in my local music store but that extra string has so far proved to be useless and it gets in the way. I just want to know if any of you others that play mainly 5s had this prob when you got your first 5. Did you get used to it in a few months/weeks? Thanks for the help.

    PLEASE don't tell me to find something in a music store or whatever that suits my style or something like that. I'm looking for your complete biased opinion.
  2. i recently made the move frome 4 to6 strings and to tell you the truth i was lost for the first, oh i don't three minutes, the main problems i had was fretting a note and then plucking a completely different string and also the muting is a promblem but i've got to think it's easier to mute one extra than two. as for actually playing things on the other strings it only took me a day before i started coming up with different chord voicings and lines to play instead of just playing the same things i did on a four, so i say just go for you won't regret it.
  3. BassMan2000


    Sep 27, 2000
    yes getting used to 5-strings are easy. As for 5-string basses I'd go with a modulus quantum, or a spector czech model.
  4. agyeman

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    Mar 6, 2001
    I would stick with a 4. You can always go to drop D tuning if needed.

    (I rekon in 15 years, I will be one of the few people still using a good old 4 string.)
  5. Nino Valenti

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    Feb 2, 2001
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    If you've been playing some 5's @ music stores & you don't like it, I feel there is no reason you should buy i=one. You play it for a while & wanna sell it soon.
  6. uve answered your own question. Ur say ur not gonna use the extra string, and u say its harder to play. DONT BOTHER WITH IT UNLESS UR GONNA USE IT!
  7. ldiezman

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    Jul 11, 2001
    I know when I bought my 2nd bass i didn't think I really needed a 5 string. but I got one anyway... It took maybe half a day before I really got the hang of that low b on my bass. but I use it all the time now and I am very satisfied... :)
  8. istaticl

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    Nov 29, 2000
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    I find 5's uncomfortable also (prrobably cause im not used to it) but I would stick with four, like agyeman said you can always go drop D.
  9. CrawlingEye

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    Mar 20, 2001
    Easton, Pennsylvania

    Nah, I'll still be playing 4's. :)

    I don't even ever take my bass out of standard tuning...

    I've just become so adapt to my bass, when I think of something in my head, I think of it in standard tuning, and generally can just sit down and in a matter of a minute or so have if all worked out with which string and frets and all. :)
  10. Big daddy and Nino

    I was asking if it took people awhile to get used to it and when they did get used to it was it better for them. When I was playing the 5s at the store, I found the extra string to be useless probably because I know no songs on a 5.
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    -agyeman ur sig kicks ass.
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    Oct 25, 2000
    I got my 1st 5 about three years ago,and yes,at 1st it felt kind of wierd,but after about a month I got into it and the funny thing is that now when I pick up a 4 it feels a little strange like the 5 did at 1st to me.
  13. Dave Castelo

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    Apr 19, 2000
    that is what JT usually refers to as "Holding a crayon"

  14. agyeman

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    Mar 6, 2001
    So does the A-team :D :)
  15. Yes, Yes they do.

    I've decided that my next bass is going to be a 5. I just got back from my friend's house and his dad just got a new 5. I gave that B a few spanks and I was in love. Now I just need to find one. I hear Spectors are good. Any suggestions?
  16. lo-end

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    Jun 15, 2001
    Another vote for the Modulus Quantum 5. That graphite neck rules, and such low action too!
  17. Nino Valenti

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    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
    It takes a while. Sometimes when I'm in a mood to play my four string in my band & it takes a little getting used to. Like a rehearsal or 2 to really realize that there is no low "B". :)

    The biggest problem you'll probably have is you'll be hitting the "B" expecting it to be the "E". It could take a few days or a few weeks depending on how you adapt & how often you play. The way I play my 5's is like a 4 & if I need/want to play a lower B, C, D flat, D or E flat, they're there. :)
  18. malthumb


    Mar 25, 2001
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    Just try to play something you'd normally play on a four, but higher on the neck, using lower strings. Instead of playing F as 1st fret E string, try it at 6th fret B string and go from there.

    You should consider where you expect to play and what types of music you expect to play. I play primarily in church where a lot of stuff is written in E-flat and D-flat. Five strings is the way to go. Try this...100 & Rising by Incognito


    MY FIRST TAB!!! :eek:

    forgive me father for i have tabbed...:( :D


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    Mar 8, 2000
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    HE was such a nice young man, too