4-string, 24 fret Fender Jazz-type basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Trev, May 25, 2005.

  1. Trev


    Feb 23, 2004
    Could anyone recommend some 4 string J-type basses with 24 frets? I was looking at the Warmoth stuff, which I like, but I did a search on the 24 fret overhang option they have and it seems that its practically useless as frets above the 21st fret are not very accessible.

    So I was thinking, what are my options? What bass could I buy, if I wanted a 4 string J-type bass, P/J pickup combo, 24 frets? So far I can only think of Ibanez and a couple of high end basses, Zon being one (which I am very seriously planning to get, but until then, I still need a 24-fret 4 string bass, nothing expensive but nothing ultra cheap either - mid level i guess).

    I currently play an old Ibanez Musician, but I'm having some problems with the pickups on that bass, and I would like to retire it and just get another affordable bass in the meantime.

    Any help would be great, thanks!

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, I don't like the Ibanez Soundgear basses at all, so that ones out. I dunno what it is about them, they just feel strange to me.
  2. Richard Lindsey

    Richard Lindsey

    Mar 25, 2000
    Metro NYC
    A lot depends on your budget.

    On the higher end, how about the Elrick New Jazz Standard? It comes, or used to come, in a 24 fret version. www.elrick.com Their website appears to be in the middle of renovation, but if you go into the gallery, you'll see a few photos.

    Or a Jon Shuker J bass: http://www.shukerguitars.co.uk/jclassic.htm Jon's not well known over here, but I have a couple of his basses and like them a lot. He's great to work with, and his prices are quite reasonable for the quality he provides (though becuase of the rise of the pound against a dollar, they're not quite the ridiculous deal they were a couple of years ago).

    At a different monetary level, you could think about a Carvin LB20 (passive) or LB70 (active), especially used. You could pick one up from eBay or Harmony Central for not much $$. Only thing is, you won't get the P/J configuration--stock is J/J.

    Another that comes to mind is a used Ken Smith Burner. IIRC, these are 24 fret bolt-ons. I don't really know how many are out there, though.
  3. Find a used Trace Elliot T-Bass. It will change your life. These things blow Sadowsky out of the water. I have had two different people offer to trade me their Metro straight up, and I politely declined. You would not be disappointed with these basses, and you can find them for $700 to $1000 on the used market.