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    May 19, 2004
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    OK TBer's

    This is the issue. I have been playing now for about five years. I started learning to play on a five string passive bass. Then after about a year and a half, I upgraded to a 5 string active. Just the beginning of this year I stepped up to a 6 string and I love it. :hyper:
    The problem is lately I've had this really bad GA$ for a 4 string. I have never owned a four string. But I have tried a few at GC and found that I like the look and feel. :) But hate the limited range. :scowl:

    Should I feed the beast and pickup a cheap or used four string? Even though I still hate the limited range. :confused:

    Gambit :cool:
  2. My main bass is a 5'er. But every now and then I'll bust out the 4 and hammer away. I find it very challenging to play the 4 after letting it sit for so long. It definitley keeps me on edge. The way I figure it also is that they did it with 4 strings for decades before the 5'er came along mainstream, and it did the trick. Also, with my 4 string, the string spacing is alot wider than of my 5. That makes it easier for me to do some slap grooves.

    My $.02