4-String vs. 5-string

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    Aug 21, 2001
    I play guitar, and drumbs, and am going to do some recording. My favorite band is Collective Soul. In one of their singles, Why Pt. 2,the bass player, Will Turpin, uses a 5 string bass. I can get a deal on a $250 Washburn 5-string bass. Should I get it or get a 4 string bass that is cheaper?
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    Dec 11, 1999
    I typed this offline and there were not replies when I typed it (?)

    First welcome to the board

    Second I have no idea who collective soul are (sorry)

    Third I have a 4 and a 5 and I play guitar and drums in my four track studio.

    Fourth-my advice

    I am 'teaching' a friend to play bass. He is the guitarist in one of my bands and is doing what you are doing (but with shock horror a drum machine) He bought my standard reply 1st bass which is a second hand Mim (mexican) Fender Jazz bass from a shop. I always recommend a Mim Fender because

    1 they are a good balance between cost and quality
    2 they have a good residual value ie you lose less cash selling it
    3 second hand items mean you lose even less cash
    4 some shops give a limited warranty on sh stuff (check policy)

    The jazz has a slim neck and two pickups the precision has a thicker neck and one pickup-you choose.

    Right the added possible flame inducing choice of 4 v 5 strings. There are 5 string Fenders but there are not as many choices and they are a bit more expensive. The question is how much do you need the low notes?
    Some players like the low B because they can open up the neck for two octave stuff easier (nb easier I have a 4 remember). If your usage will be as I suspect mainly playing in E, A and D and you want to lay down some bass the four will do that (as my friend is doing (very well after two lessons)). I am not putting down the four I prefer 4 and I have a 5 for pragmatic reasons. My bass player (long story) has played for 16 yrs and uses a Japanese Jazz (which I recommended cos it was pre Mim).

    Sorry long answer

    Short one is try some 4 and 5 string Mim Fenders. These are more money than $250. Its your choice. Get what you and your wallet are happy with.