40-120 5 string set. Too light for tuning down 1/2 Step?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by groveofbass, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. I been starting to wonder about trying out a set of light guage strings on my bass. I played a local guitar shop owner's bass that had the best set up with the lowest action ive played and he used 40-120 guages. Would these be to light of a guage to tune down a half step (Bb - Gb) and still retain enough tightness to get low action? I play a spector Euro-5 (this should give you an idea of the level of craftmanship on my bass).

    Has anyone here ever tried tuning down on a lighter guage? What were the results?

  2. Bump.

    Come on. Can you tune down a 120 B string to a Bb and still not have flop?
  3. From what I have read hear it's more than the gauge of the string that will make a floppy B string.

    The best I can tell you is, the heavier the gauge is, the more tension you will get, so a lighter gauge string will have less.

    If you are using a heavier gauge now and it seems to be floppy it will be worse with a lighter gauge.


    Is your Euro 5 a 34" or 35" scale? That may help, but there are plenty of basses out there with a 34" scale and have a great B string.

    Tuning down a half step with your bass and a light gauge string just might work out well as long as it is set up properly. Just make sure whom ever sets up your bass does it tuned down.

    Again, I think you will still have to compare the flop factor with the gauge you are using now.
  4. Im currently using a 125 and its pretty tight. Im just askin about the 120 for curiosity's sake, and its cheaper than buying one and finding out for myself