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400+ and punch

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by thelastofus, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. thelastofus

    thelastofus Guest

    Jul 3, 2002
    Bakersfield, Ca
    i bought a used 400+ and a powerhouse cab, i've had a problem lately with punch, i can't get it to be as punchy as i would like. i'ver heard things about sonic maximizers including punch but i'm not really sure what they do and if so what is a good one to get, i also don't know how old the tubes are but are getting them replaced in the new future. Could this make it more to my liking or am I just thinking it should sound like something it isn't?
  2. Are you talking about a Mesa-Boogie? If so, I know what you mean. A friend of mine has Mesa bass cabs w/an Eden amp and it sounds 'rubbery' to me - not a lot of punch. Makes you want to play harder. Thing is, you play harder and harder and the sound doesn't get any better.
  3. BigBohn


    Sep 29, 2001
    WPB, Florida
    A BBE sonic maximizer wouldnt do much. Its really a last resort if the sound is that drastically bad, as it appears how you're describing it. The BBE is just a signal chain hookup that takes some distortion out.

    But if you're set on it, maybe you can find someone with it and try it out or maybe even rent one and check to see if it actually might work.
  4. That setup would rip your head off!
    I have a 400+ and a 2x12 SWR cab with tweeter. It can get Very loud and punchy. What are your settings, what bass do you play? Input channel 1 or 2? Check the effects mix knob on the backside, it should be at 0 when no effects are in the loop.

    How much gain do you use?

    My settings are something like:

    Bass: MM Sterling with active circutry.

    Channel 1
    gain 7 (not shift pulled)
    master 2
    treble about 5 i think
    bass 6 (shift pulled)
    mid 5

    Eq: slightly boosted at 250 and 1560, a little push at 40 and 100 too, but just slightly.
    These settings are LOUD :eek:in my opinion. I play w/o a pick.

    Good Luck!
  5. Once you try this setting you won't go back, I promise.
    Split your signal and run into BOTH CH.1 and CH.2.
    Activate all "pull shifts" use "pull brights" if you like too.
    Ignore graphic. Use for room EQ if you must.
    This setting won't work unles you run through both channels simultaneously. It was as close to God as I ever got with my 400+. If you have to start adding outboard processors to your 16 tube setup then it's time to sell your rig.
  6. thelastofus

    thelastofus Guest

    Jul 3, 2002
    Bakersfield, Ca
    input 2, gain about 3 master about 3, i can't go too much louder or i'll blow away my band with rectifiers, i dont' get it. mids about 5 or 6, trebble 5 and bass about 6 or 7. That cab is really boomy so it takes more of a flatter eq then other amps i've played to mellow it all out. ive recently got it like i said so i'm still trying to find the best sound for it and am up for any suggestions. i think i have the sound in my head that i've been kinda programmed to like an svt classic with an 8x10 and i just keep trying to get this to sound like that i think and i'm dissapointed cause it won't but it shouldn't...i dont' know, i'm a dufus
  7. Run all settings basically flat using the set-up I explained. The head sounds marvelous w/o any tweaking; why it is such a classic. So many heads can't do this, my M2000 for example.
  8. Rickenbackerman


    Apr 17, 2001
    Laurel MD
    thelastofus -
    I wanted an SVT type tone from my 400+ too... the closest I got was as follows:
    Bass 0 \
    Mids 10 (THIS is the flat setting on a 400+)
    Treble 0 /
    no pull shifts
    gain (#2) depends on the bass, crank it till it just starts to break up, then a little more. I was never impressed combining channels.
    Master to taste.

    You may want to cut some of the really low stuff with the EQ to bring out the mids more, depending on the room and what cabs you're using.
  9. thelastofus

    thelastofus Guest

    Jul 3, 2002
    Bakersfield, Ca
    would a billy sheenan pre amp give me the tone i'm looking for?
  10. Maybe, but the spandex will be a real bitch, trust me.
  11. I went down to try out the "both channel" trick, and it worked just fine.. had some trouble to get the sweet spot right between channel 1 and 2 gain. But when I did.. it sounded better than before I would say. Fatter with more lo-end distortion, very pleasable!

    Settings would be something like:
    ch1: 5
    ch2: 3 (pull shifted)
    middle: 5
    bass 8,5 (pull shifted)
    treble: 5 (pull shifted)
    Master 2.

    No eq.

    Thanks Mad Subwoofer.. I finally got rid of my old settings! Sometimes tips like this make me see things in a new light!
    See ya!
  12. Kewl....glad to help. Now, anyone wanna buy an M2000?
  13. Big String

    Big String Supporting Member

    Apr 22, 2000
    Northwest Indiana
    I know were you can get a spankin' 400+
    case , tubes and all

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