SOLD 4003 Rickenbacker, 1999 model, custom/painted pick guard and Russ rod cover

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by ThumperD, Oct 21, 2021.

  1. ThumperD


    Oct 21, 2021
    West Virginia
    United States
    1999 Rickenbacker 4003
    Plays good, but it is 22 years old (has wear/been used). I'm the original owner (bought in 2000).
    Pictures say it all. The head has finish/paint wear from hanging on a guitar wall hanger (strange, but true). The pick up switch never did like staying in the up position (neck pick up only position), but it has full volume controls on the knobs, so I never thought to, or cared to, replace it (it was like that since brand new).
    I'm flexible on it (just not my ax of choice anymore)- I have a MusicMan string ray and/or MusicMan Bongo in my sights, so if you have one of those maybe we could work out a trade.
    About shipping.. I don't know what the shippers are charging, but again, I'm pliable, and don't intend to act like it costs more than it does to ship it.
    07CA61B4-EAFF-44D8-93FE-F2AA9F523061.jpeg 310F4245-5592-4824-90B8-68A118E18035.jpeg 4C52316D-8434-4E87-82BA-16601BCA7975.jpeg 1DEFD094-B673-40AF-950F-7CC0CE1A810E.jpeg 3E677CF5-81B6-46A0-AD33-92F8016D8198.jpeg 8704C5B9-C63A-4D04-ACD9-15DF33BDDFC1.jpeg 2A17C163-9186-436C-A042-66EC6935D082.jpeg 0A075F52-FDA4-4C7D-879B-3014D0CDD20A.jpeg 0EDE3293-4C23-42E1-A8B9-985264DC33E7.jpeg 6BDD61C6-142B-49A3-916B-615DED4D8546.jpeg 958E47E6-83D0-4272-8C45-150C67AFB498.jpeg E6E39395-1FD8-404D-A56B-24FD7A94D7DD.jpeg 895626FE-3856-4C87-9D3C-B34B0795C1A5.jpeg
  2. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member

    Going....going.....gone (soon, I'm sure)!

    If I didn't own an 81 4001 and a 2020? 4003AC, I'd buy this!
  3. tucktuckfloof

    tucktuckfloof Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2021
    Hi, is this still available. I private messaged you but I'm new here and just wanted to be sure!