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  1. I just got a two year old Eden 410xlt for 450 bucks!!
    The older guy I bought it from said it's only got about 15 hours of playing on it... You tell me does every one else think I got a good a deal as I think I did?
  2. bggeezer

    bggeezer Guest

    May 25, 2001
    i dont know eden stuff ......i`m from uk
    but $450 being about £325 i`d say it was a bit pricey for 2 years old cab
    (however if the speakers were ok then ok...there aint much else can go wrong!)

    15 hrs playing is very very very little in 2 yrs.....
    (was that gigging, rehearsing, practice at home?)

    be very careful ooops too late ;)
  3. Seeing as the cab goes for 1009.00 brand new 450 for a great condition used one seemed pretty good.
    The cabinet had only been used at one show and a few pratices. For the last year it's been sitting in his bedroom covered. It is in perfect concition, I played it for quite a while before forking over the cash..
  4. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    Great Buy man.. absolutely a great buy.
  5. boobinga

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    Feb 9, 2001
    Pacific NW
    Well, new ones go out the door for about $825-850, so if the cab truly has less than 20 hours on it, and you got the ohm rating you want, you couldn't have gotten a better deal! $400 is killer. I've got the same XLT, bought new, and I wouldn't let it go for anywhere near that price. Enjoy!
  6. i actually wanted the 4 ohm( i got the 8), but I'm told i can have it rewired so I can run it with my 4 ohm ampeg 410hlf cab... either way I'll use it, even if it's just running mono bridged and by it's self..
  7. Muttluk

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    Jan 19, 2000
    Oakland, California
    If you run your head sterio, you could have one side be 4 ohms, and one side be 8 ohms. I'm assuming thats what you meant when you said you wanted two 4 ohm cabs.
  8. Steven Green

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    Jul 25, 2001
    Pacific NW
    Hey, that's a great price man! I just snagged an 8 ohm 410XLT for $499 at Guitar Center and the drivers are in great condition, the cab is slightly worn. Considering they run about $875 around here, not a bad price at all. I saw one go for $699 on eBay USED!
  9. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    5 bills is about standard for a used D410XLT so, yeah, you got a good deal. Great cab. Enjoy. BTW, you may be happy it's 8ohms later when you decide to add an 8ohm D115XL!
  10. I am going to run it stereo. but i have an ampeg b4 head.. If i ran it with a 8 ohm cab and a 4 ohm cab i'd have an uneven load. The head can run at either 8 4 or 2 ohms.. So to run it i need to either get the xlt cab switched to 4 ohms, and run it with my other 4 ohm cabinet for a 2 ohm load, or get a nother 8 ohm cabinet, runt the two 8 ohms( for a a 4 ohm load) then run my other 4 ohm cabinet for a 2 ohm load.. Or am I wrong on the ohmage set up?
  11. bggeezer

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    May 25, 2001
    like i said...
    however if new is a grand then 2nd hand thats cheap!

    plus...you seem to know your stuff anyway....so why ask..(especially as youve already bought it!)
    :mad: :eek: :D ;)
  12. I'm not sure how you could rewire an 8 ohm 4-10 cab to be 4 ohms without changing out the individual drivers. I'm no electronics whiz--anyone else wanna weigh in?--but the little I know tells me that if you're starting with four 8 ohm speakers, which I assume you are, your options are 8 ohms (series-parallel wiring), 32 ohms (series all the way), or 2 ohms (parallel all the way).

    I may be wrong, but at least it's something to check out.
  13. Muttluk

    Muttluk Guest

    Jan 19, 2000
    Oakland, California
    If my memory serves me correctly, when you run your head in sterio, its two seperate power amps, so one power amp will run at 4 ohms, and the other will be running at 8. Also, it woudl be ok to have a mixed load, as long as it doesnt go below the alloud minimum impediance. So... if your amp can go down to 2 ohms, it'd be ok to run it at 2.6 ohms.
  14. hmm thats funny ampeg website says it's bad said it would run at 2.6 there for be bad.. I dunno I ran a hartke 3500 head with a 4 ohm and 8 ohm cabinet for about two years and never had a problem with it.. we'll see
  15. I think you've misunderstood. What I think they mean is that they don't recommend combining an 8 ohm and a 4 ohm *on the same amp output.* Even here, they don't claim it will hurt the amp, they just say there will be a level mismatch. Considering that the Eden, according to its specs, is more efficient than the Ampeg, this shouldn't be a big deal.

    And in any case, this isn't what you'd be doing, if I understand correctly. The B4R has two amp outs, and you're putting one cab on one amp and the other on the other. Granted, more power (though not necessarily more loudness, given the efficiency discrepancy) would be developed on the side with the 4 ohm load, but this kind of loading is well within the amp's rated specs.
  16. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    I think Richard is totally correct.
  17. Davidoc

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    Sep 2, 2000
    Northern VA and JMU
    That's a good deal. but 1200 for a 4x10 is kinda alot.
  18. Muttluk

    Muttluk Guest

    Jan 19, 2000
    Oakland, California
    If somone paid $1200 for a D-4x10xlt they got ripped off, cause they can be had new for $850. On the other hand, the cab is well worth $1200
  19. In other words what you're telling me is basicly with my head and it's two seperate amps, with two outputs for each amp, i could run the three cabinet I own with out any problems?
    Example channel 1 Cabinets 1&2 ampeg 410hlf (4ohms) and cabinet #2 sonic 18"( also four ohms) for a 2 ohm load.
    then channel # 2 the eden 410xlt (8 ohms) with out any problem?
    That would be very nice..But If it's possible to just run the two 4X10 cabs at the same time I'll be very happy
    Thanks for the info
  20. Muttluk

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    Jan 19, 2000
    Oakland, California
    Yes, all of that sounds like it would work. As long as you dont go below the minimum impedence, you should be fine. I dont know about that fact that they say the amp cannot handle a load between 4 and 8 ohms, or 2 and 4. but to have one channel running at 2 ohms, and one channel running at 8 ohms, that would work. I dont know if it'd sound great, but it would work. It would also work if you had one channel at 8 ohms, and one at 4 ohms.