No longer available $450 Custom Precision Jazz Bass Nordstrand Hipshot Xtender Gruvgear Sliver Swamp Ash Maple

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  1. Thud Staff

    Thud Staff Supporting Member

    Jan 2, 2017
    Price is shipping within lower 48. AK, HI, and PR add $25. Outside those areas, let’s talk about shipping. Prefer PayPal, but am open to other payment methods.

    This is a cool custom bass I bought 3-4 months ago. Worked great for a gig I had that required long hours of standing and stop/start playing. That assignment is over, and I am now on a quest to be a ‘one bass’ player, and my space is limited anyway. So, this one is for sale.

    This bass is sub 8 lbs: 7 lbs, 11 oz! Wow! It came with a Audere Preamp, which I removed and sold. I prefer a passive instrument and, as I said, the previous assignment had long intervals of waiting/playing and I didn’t want to worry about the battery dying on me (no bypass switch on the Audere). You can see the open side jack hole, which was factory drilled and ready for a football shape jackplate.

    - Swamp Ash Body, of high quality and super light weight! (unknown manufacture: I thought it was a Warmoth or AllParts, as the contours are dead on, and match my Fender MIM P exactly). Finish is brown stain, with 3X Tru-Oil overcoat. Not a pro job, but I didn’t do it and it never bothered me or gave me any worry.

    -control cavity is paint shielded and the back cover copper foil shielded. The cover is split to allow quick access to the battery (when installed) with a small notch to access with your fingernail or a screwdriver. This section has a rare earth magnet to keep it in place.

    - Mighty Mite Neck, maple/maple. Nut width is their take on a modern P, probably a 32nd of an inch shy of 1-5/8” wide. This neck profile reminds me of a ‘74 maple B neck I had: round and comfortable. 9.5” radius on this one, though...this neck turned out pretty good. The frets have leveled and crowned and the truss rod works perfectly. It’s setup with a medium action. Funny thing is, I prefer low action, but the more I played (during my last gig) the more endurance and strength I gained, so I didn’t mind that it was ‘not my usual setup’. playability is excellent.

    - Hipshot USA UltraLite tuners and Xtender / Detuner, Hipshot 3 string retainer.

    - Hipshot Vintage style, quick release bridge

    - Nordstrand Big Singles, EMG 35 casing (3.5” L X 1.5” W) Dead silent!

    - CTS pots, Switchcraft on/on/on mini-switch and output jack

    - black chrome plated, brass knobs and Dunlop dual-design strap lock buttons installed.

    - controls are: 3 way pickup switch (Neck/both/bridge), volume, tone, output.

    - comes with a brand new GruvGear Gigblade Sliver. This is a cool gig bag! The sides are a semi-rigid panel that keeps its shape even when standing. Lots of padding on the bottom, rubber foot, and some pretty ingenious ways to create pockets.

    I’m pretty easy to deal with, so send me a PM and we can chat about this great bass.

    C7143457-2E58-4B41-B89C-CE639E4CDFB8.jpeg A177D12C-EBC4-4C21-B981-53AF7703D4F3.jpeg EFBA7137-2BD0-4F78-811F-29F239163E7A.jpeg 323BDECC-7645-4066-BBCC-EA2D9C7F1301.jpeg C1A2A417-C741-4084-9120-F8B912F43E1E.jpeg A8B936DE-A9A1-456D-A613-83B7EB60726C.jpeg 54A85370-ACAA-4058-82B1-E6816A37E6A0.jpeg 8FEDB2CD-3620-46D3-A3AD-4C5D39422E61.jpeg 6F21FCDC-119B-4EF9-92DE-D8A5FF73E74D.jpeg DCD645A1-CE20-40FF-B082-2B0040D3A214.jpeg 810E2D02-ED2C-4439-A28F-498DF62F453C.jpeg 201BD8B2-BD4E-459F-B4AD-0F79E570A5E5.jpeg B804E25C-A17B-4E25-9581-DA1E08AA9311.jpeg 9C4BDFCF-FD29-4CD2-87F0-BDDD4F935B73.jpeg 124996A3-9004-49A9-AC5C-56C3F0864CFF.png
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  2. Thud Staff

    Thud Staff Supporting Member

    Jan 2, 2017
    For sale on another site and received bids...
  3. xhawk5

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    Sep 17, 2007
    Palm Coast, FL
    Worth it just for the parts alone, geeze. TB is so picky!! GLWTS!
  4. ElliottStrong

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    Jun 1, 2013
    Nashville/ Detroit

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