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  1. Hi, just registered yesterday and I hope you alow me to ask you a question....

    At this moment I use a peavey TNT130BW combo which is not that bad at all but because I started a new band I need more power.

    You usualy transport a Combo in a flight case. Well at least I did. The case had wheels and on stage I used the case to put the combo on. This would bring the speaker at a nice 'monitor' height.

    But now I am planning to buy a 4x10" cabine (EBS410) and a 350W top (SWR350X or EBS HD350) And no I dont want a 2nd cabinet which can be used as a stand....

    The 4x10" cabinet is quite massive, dont want to put this thing in a flight case. So a strong dust cover is a good solution.

    Now my questions:
    -How do you transport your cabinet? Did you put Wheels under it? Flightcase? "Dust cover"?
    -Is a dustcover good enough for protection?
    -What about the monitor height. How do you deal with it? Lean the cabinet a bit backwards maybe? Or isnt this a big issue at all?

    Well many thanks in advance for your reply!

    The Netherlands.
  2. Well for me, I use the drummers trap case as a stand when I am only using my 410 cab.

    It puts my cab up high enough for me to hear it and gives my drummer a place to store his cases.

    Dust covers work just fine as long as you pack your rig properly in your vehicle.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    A padded soft cover works great if you pack the cab yourself in your own vehicle - not only keeps the cab from getting scratched, but also keeps the inside of your vehicle from getting scratched. If you haul it in an equipment truck or if others carry it for you, you are much better off with a road case, medium or heavy duty.

    Live, I usually use two 4x10's to get one off the floor and at ear level. If I don't need the volume, I just turn the lower 4x10 off. I have, on occasion, put a black milk crat on bottom, then my 6 space rack, then one 4x10 on top of that. Works just fine.
  4. Ok, thanks for your replies!
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