4x8 extension cab

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  1. During the summer I have,on more than one occasion,found a need for more volume or headroom than my current setup will allow (Ashdown ABM C110-300).Whilst I find this an excellent amp I am considering the purchase of an extension cab.Question; has anybody tried a 4x8 cab with DB ? and if so what are your thoughts.
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    I have not played that particular cabinet, but I enjoy using my Euphonic Audio VL-208 cabinets, which have two eights, two fives, and one horn. Like tens, they have great transient response and clarity, and a turn of the bass control will fatten them up. These are of a transmission line design, not a regular front ported speaker, so I can't speak to the 4x8 you mention. However, if you are concerned that they might not have sufficient low frequency response, I would not worry if they were designed for bass.
  3. Bob, you are like a coiled spring.

    Thanks for the prompt reply, the cab I have in mind is the Ashdown 4x8 which is designed for bass and as a bonus is exactly the same size as the Ashdown combo,so it would look neat in a stack or positioned across the stage.
    My concern was that the 8" speakers would only produce mid to high frequencies rather than low.
    Would this be a good combination with the 1x10 or would another 10" be a better match?
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    Aug 26, 2002
    i dont know about 4x8s. but i have a swr 2x10 and it sounds great. you had said maybe i should just get another ten to get more bottom and my two tens have plenty of bottom.
  5. I use an SWR 4x8, and it's the best sounding, and best projecting cab I've ever played through. I also play 5 string BG, and it handles that low B better than my SWR 1x15 which I add to it on big gigs. Just do it, ya wont be sorry!
  6. Tried to do it but when my back was turned somebody bought it on a `buy it now` bid.
    Thanks for the replies,I will consider a similar item if it comes up in the future.