For Sale 5 fantastic preamp tubes for sale!

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    May 15, 2012
    All of these test strong. I have bought them all from reputable sellers on tube depot,, talk as, etc.

    I’d love to do a deal for all of them.


    I can look up any additional details of you want maybe by searching through my old emails but this has already been a tedious task listing them! Ha

    All sound fantastic and have their own character and voice. I had a blast tube rolling with my Genz shuttle and streamliner and orange Bass terror.

    All shipped fedex ground. PayPal. Conus only.

    SOLD (2) 12AT7 matched pair (I paid $26.74 for the pair so $14 each shipped)

    (1) Tung Sol 5751WA ($24 shipped)

    (1) GE 12AU7A ($17 shipped)

    (1) GE 12AY7 ($17 shipped)

    (1) GT Premium 12AX7-C ($10 shipped)

    SOLD (1) GE 12AX7 (($17 shipped)

    (1) EHX 12AX7-EH ($10 shipped)

    SOLD (1) RCA 12AX7A ($17 shipped)

    $60 shipped for all of them

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