5 minute Slap crash cource

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  1. Can any one give me a slap crash cource????? 50 words or less
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    Jun 15, 2001
    slap: use your right thumb and point it to the left. Strike the string with the bony part to the left of your knuckle where the wrinkles are. You should hear a loud "zing!" This takes a LOT of practice and you wont get it right the first time.

    pop: use your right index finger and bend it into a hook. Put hook under desired string and pull it up firmly and release. You should hear a loud "snap!"

    now here is a song to work on when you get those techniques down. I hope you dont mind TAB:

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Higher Ground" (Intro)

    D------2 ------5 -----7 -------2-------5 --7---


    T = thumbed note (slap)
    P = popped note (pop)
    allright I hope that lines up right but listen to the song and you'll get the idea.
  3. exelent, thanks. One more question, is it alot of the time that you slap a not then pop the octive/do you play alot of octives with slap?
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    Jan 12, 2001
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    a lot of mediocre slappers resort to using octaves because they can't really think of much else to do (notice how "Higher Ground" is merely a 3-note riff), but someone who actually *plays* bass as opposed to someone who *thinks* they play bass will get creative and not just slap and pop, but will also incorporate multi-string rakes, double-plucks (ala Ray Riendeu), tapping, and all manner of weird-arse sh*t that bassists are using nowadays ... don't limit yourself. do the unexpected :)
  5. Study Alex Sklarevski's "Slap Bass Program" video.

    It ain't brain surgery, but playing anything decently on bass isn't something you put in the microwave for 5 minutes or learn from an internet discussion board.
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    Man, Flea's part on "Higher Ground" is simply a cop of the original part, played by one of the funkiest bass players of all time - Stevie Wonder's left hand.
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    (said the Pacman to the Flea.....)
  8. You got that right! That's why Stevie is always on my personal favorite bassists list.
  9. What the tab example doesn't mention, or show, is the various muting and left/right hand slap going on. It's amazing how once you understand what the LEFT hand is doing in the slap/pop role, how much better you'll sound and how much easier it is to sound good. Good slap is very percussive, which is easy to do with a little work. It makes the transients more noticeable and just sounds cleaner. Remember, muting techniques coupled with left AND right hand slap makes all the difference in the world. Also, I don't have a tweeter in my rig, but MAN does it make a difference with slap; gotta get me one.

    I've never seen a slap video, but I'm sure one would help a lot.