5 string bass guitar tuning

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  1. Hi! I have a nice question. I'm in a new band and the last bass player was playing a 6 string bass. The thing that I have a 5 string bass and I was thinking about switching to a 6 string, but I don't have the money now... I saw that Justin Chancellor changed the tuning of his bass to BEDG on Parabola and I was thinking about doing the same (BEDGC or BECGC)... So, what you think about it? Thanks!!!
  2. Tuning some of the strings in 4ths and not others would drive me crazy.

    I personally might go DGCFBb, gives me some notes both below and above standard tuning.

    Depends on what you need more though, if you need notes below D you'll probably want to keep the B string.

    Go ahead and try it but the patterns are going to be way different.
  3. Is going to change a lot, so that's why I was thinking on C on the third string. And yes, I need the B, I will prefer to use one of my 4 string basses (Dropped D) and that's it, but I need at least 5 with them! Thanks for your answer!!!