5 string bass with high c?

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  1. Most 5 strings have the low B. But does anyone make then with the high c?

    Getting used to the 5 string is a task for me because of the low b. I continuously think it is the e string and even when I use it as an anchor, I still screw up. A high C would be pretty cool and I actually would prefer the C over the B.

  2. You can restring nearly any fiver to go from E-C, and might not even have to alter the nut
  3. Get out, really?

    Who makes a set of 5 strings like that or do I have to order a set of 6 strings?
  4. im pretty sure you can go to musiciansfriend.com and find a set of 5 strings either b-g or e-c.
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    Some more weeks and you'll get used to the B.

    There are some E-C sets, but most of teh time it's easier to get 4 +a singel C I think.
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    I have strung my 5 strings for years as E-C, great for chords and other solo playing. I used to buy a regular 4 string set, and then a single .30. But then they became tough to find in most stores. Now I buy a 6 string set, and use the low B on another bass (just have to buy another 4 string set).
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    Juststrings.com is another site who sells individual high C strings. Also, Fodera makes 5 string sets specifically with high C strings. If you want to string your bass E-C, go for it, nothing wrong with it other than you might piss off a few people who live to hear the sound of a low B (I've ran across more than a few).

    Yup though, it's cool for solos, chords, wall-o-fuzz, and other stuff. Not the greatest practice in the world, but I actually own an octave pedal for hitting low A's and such, so it works out in the end for me.
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    May 18, 2004
    I plan to move from 6 string to 5 string.

    Do any of you know a 34' 5 string with 19mm string spacing at reasonable price (700 euros).

    The closest bass I found till now is a BTB555 (except it's 35' but I could live with this).
  9. You could always go SIT strings. My next axe will be a fretless 5 E-C.
  10. +1 for just strings...thats what i used for my 6 string bass that i tuned EAGDCF
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    I ordered one like that from Carvin in 1990. The only difference from a regular 5 and a tenor is the nut slots and intonation.

    I was ordering 4 string sets and singles for the high string.