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Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by vjfourfreshmen, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. This bass has a clear, deep, resonant sound good for both bowing and plucking. The low B string really shakes the whole house! The fully carved bass is gamba shaped and was upgraded to a 5 string design in 1998 by Lisa Gass, a fine luthier in Los Angeles. That upgrade includes gorgeous silver tuning gears; new neck (very playable for 5 string), scroll, extended fingerboard planed perfectly across the entire register, gotz endpin, adjustable bridge, tailpiece, and a 5 string set of thomastik spirocore strings. Included is a Mooradian fully padded cover and a bass wheel for ease of transportation. Bow is optional.

    The deep, clear tone and extended low range are perfect for an orchestral setting with playing ease and flexibility that only a 5 string offers. This bass also does remarkably well in an acoustic (or amplified) jazz situation. I have also used this bass for opera, big band, pop, and recording with wonderful results as the clear tone throughout the range makes it a perfect all around bass. The bass is like a mix between Dennis Trembly (Los Angeles Philharmonic principal) and John Clayton (jazz virtuoso). I love this bass but must sell.

    6 years ago in 1998 the bass was appraised at $10,000. Lisa Gass (the luthier who restored) verbally appraised it at $12,000 in March, 2004. With this bass you are fully prepared to execute anything and more that the music demands. I am starting the price at $10,900 and will consider any serious offers.

    The bass is currently in Long Beach, CA and could be in Las Vegas, NV if it is more convenient to potential buyers. Buyer will receive the insurance appraisal and restoration paper work.
    All inquiries may be directed to Vince Johnson: vjjohnson3@yahoo.com 831 539 6630

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