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  1. hey, i was just wondering if anyone could point me towards a good but fairly inexpensive 5 string fretless. i was going to go for a 4 but when i tried one out i realized how much i missed the low b. i want a big, full soft sound.

    thanks for the help
  2. I love my Stingray5 fretless, it has a great sound.

    i picked it up for $800 used........

    So, they're out there you just gotta look.
  3. Try to find a Carvin LB75F or LB75PF... they're $1000 - $1300 new but go for about $600 used. Build quality is great, they're balanced properly, sound awesome, and are easy to play. Some here (TB) don't like the pu/pre combination... I don't know about older Carvins, but the pu/pre on my LB75PF kicks some serious @$$!

    Good luck
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    I got my Dean Edge 5 string fretless for just a little under $400 two years ago. You can find them for about $450 right now I would expect. It's a fantastic instrument, light basswood body, EMG-HZ pickups with passive VOL/VOL/TONE electronics (though the new Edge 5 has "Dean" pickups and an active EQ), 5 piece maple/walnut laminate neck, good solid harware, nice finish, classy looking unlined board, 35" scale with very strong B string performance (though I've read others complain about the B strings on the Korean Dean Edge basses, it is excellent on mine). Here are some crappy webcam pics:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I recommend this bass without reservations.

    More information at: www.deanguitars.com .
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    You might consider a MTD Kingston 5 fretless. If you budget can handle a Stingray 5 fretless, it's a wonderful bass. I love mine.

    Best Wishes,
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    Under $600? MTD Kingston. Under $1000? Lakland 55-01.