5 string Precision Pickup in A Soapbar?

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    Feb 23, 2009
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    Hi fellow talkbassers, I'm after some recommendations / advice / links.
    I have an old Yamaha 5 string bass RBX765a that is now passive. It plays well and has a nice B string.
    Am seeking to change the pickups in it. It had 2 x single coil jazz pickups in it, in a soapbar housing. The dimensions are 120 x 38 which is quite big, so could fit most other soapbar pickups.

    Some precision sounds that I like are :
    1. My Mike Lull P4 that has a Lindy Fralin pickup in it.
    2. My old 4 string Ibanez Roadstar II that has a super P pickup in it.

    So what are my options?
    I started looking at the Bartolini website and it's all a bit confusing.

    Definitely after a classic sound rather than a modern sound.

    I play all kinds of music, but nothing super heavy.

    Also would prefer it to have a stronger output.
    Keep in mind the bass is passive, so there's no preamp to colour it or boost the output.

    * Also as a bonus, what would you put in the bridge position? Another precision pickup reversed, standard or the classic P/J? Maybe a completely different pickup ?

    This would be my first 5 string bass with a precision pickup.

    Also I'm not totally opposed to getting a "Regular" Precision pickup that is not in a soapbar (if it fits) although it would look a bit weird, with gaps for the existing routing.

    Hope that all makes sense!
    Thanks for any help particularly if you've bought / installed 5 string precision pickups before.

    Keep on groovin'!