5 String Quandry

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  1. 5 String Quandry
    I am not one who usually can't make decisions but I have a problem with this situation. I am looking for a relatively inexpensive 5 string to be used as a practice bass and to schlep around to open jams. Places where I just don't want to take my 5 string R Bass or Lakland Hollowbody for fear of banging them up or worse stolen. I play mostly Rock, Blues, and a little Motown. Here is my problem, I immediately thought of the Lakland 55-02 or JO 5 which I both like. My concern is this, my R Bass is a 33" scale (my main bass) and the Hollowbody is a 34". Do you think it will be uncomfortable or problematic to switch back and forth between a 33" and a 35" (the 55-02 & JO5). I know I can feel the difference between the 33" & 34"(Hollowbody) although this is not a problem at all. I just worry between a 33" & a 35" scale. Second, what 34" scale basses would you recomend (Roscoe Beck's neck much too thick for me)? I am looking to spend around $1,000 preferably less either used or new.

    Thanks for your help
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    Nov 12, 2004
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    I really like my Yamha BB605. Very inexpensive, even after I put in the Bartolini preamp and pickups. Total cost about $700. It's light, has a nice neck and a nice variety of tones - both active and passive.
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    Perfectly usable bass with new strings and a setup. I swapped in some barts, and SIT strings on my fretless version of this, and it's as good as any mim fender j I've played. All for $200 to my door, including the pups and strings.
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    +1 on the Yamaha for construction and playability for the price. I would also consider a Godin BG-V. It's 34" scale and the neck profile is slim with (I think) terrific playability. It's more of a "modern" sounding bass but the newer versions with the Godin pickups (mine has the SD Basslines) goes for less than $800 Cdn ($650 US).

    After about 10-15 minutes of playing. my transition from the 34" scale Godin to my 35" scale Lakland and back is not a problem and I have small hands. After a couple of scales, your finger memory starts to adjust.
  5. I would say a Stingray 5. 34" scale. I just bought one myself!!! :hyper: :bassist: