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  1. Can someone please direct me to a review I saw last year in which an SR5, Skyline 5, Status 5, Millenium 5 and one other bass that I can't recall were compared to one another, complete with colour photos? I had it in .pdf format but I can't find it online anymore.


  2. Quadzilla

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    Here is another option in the same price range. In my opinion, a better option than those you mentioned and I've played most of em. Click on this link -->
    Killer 5-String!
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    May 6, 2005
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    YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY A ROSCOE LG3005 :bassist:
  4. Vic

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    Undeniable B and killer tone/playability.
  5. Thanks kalle74, that's the one I was looking for! I'll take a look at that LeCompte and the Roscoe, they both look very nice, too. Thanks for the suggestions!