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5 string sets starting at 0.40 that fits in 35" scale?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by octaedro7, May 7, 2010.

  1. I made a mess of myself writing the title.
    When I used to play 4 stringers, I've always liked better "super light" gauges, i.e. 0.40, 0.60, 0.75, 0.95.
    No problems then since most of 4 stringers are 34".
    But now that I play 35" 5 stringers only, I've realized that common brands don't offer 5 string sets that start on 0.40 and that their E and B strings fit properly on a 35" scale. The E and B on those sets reaches the nut with less winding than the rest of the string, ending both strings too close to the fretboard causing buzzing on the first frets.

    Got the picture right?

    Do you know what brand sells 5 str. sets starting in 0.40 for 35" basses?
  2. Apparently I didn't search well enough. I'll end up answering myself.
    I've found these so far:
    La Bella's Hard Rockin' L-M40BXL and L-M42BXL both Stainless Steel
    Ken Smith Master Series SMXL-5 ; RML-5 ; SMXL-5T ; RML-5T and TCRL-5

    But I haven't tried any of these brands. Any opinions?
  3. darkstorm


    Oct 13, 2009
    Rotosound as another that has such. Theyd also be my pick out of those. Cause had too many problems with dead strings out of the package with ken smiths and while very good strings, Labella arent quite as good for my sound as rotosounds are.
  4. Hi this is my first time to give advice (new to site), I also have a 35" scale 5 string, I have used LaBelles, rotosound, but i always go back to D'Addario ProSteels EPS220-5 the guage is .040 .060 .075 .095 .125, I find these very good and not to expensive, but as you know strings are personal thing, you might want to try DR Marcus Millar Set they are Very good also, but the Guage is slightly heavier, and more expensive, i hope this helps.
  5. Thanks John, but are you positive they fit right in a 35" scale?
    D' Addario specificaly advertise as "super long scale" their strings for 35".
    You can verify in their ProSteels catalog that their minimum gauge for 35" is 0.45. Actually that's the same in all their models.
  6. Octaedro, sorry for not getting back sooner, i was away playing, the set I used were long scale and I put them on my TRB 1005, they also state they are 34" but I found them long enough, its up to you, i also boil my strings to get more value for money, and it works ( its my way of recycling, plus times are hard) .
  7. Alduroth


    Mar 3, 2009
    I like Ken smith, got them on my 7 string :D

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