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  1. alright i wanna get a new bass.. i want to get a 5-string, and i wanna know what bass is the best for like $300? i've heard a lot of bad stuff about ibanez's (at least the cheap ones) and washburn's are too expensive. (must note: i'm only 13)
  2. for $300 probably the best choice would be to look in the "used" section... but not too used though...

    threre aren´t alot of good 5 strings in this price area... (I think)..

    anyway.. good luck... (I love my Yamaha BB G5 but that´s more than #300 though :) )
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    I think Fender makes a Squier 5-string P-bass. You might try a few of those.

    By the way, ever notice how the Brits consider a collective, like a company name (Fender, Nikon, etc.), as a plural noun? For instance, they would say, "Fender make a Squier 5-string P-bass."
  4. In GuitarCenter the other day and played a Squire 5 string. They had two, both with very nice finishes. One however was
    un-playable, the neck had such a bow I doubt it could be adjusted out. The second was set up pretty well and didn't feel as cheap as I thought it would.
    I have not run across a lot of used, cheap, 5ers yet. But they will probably start popping up as more young players decide it is not for them. And probably not a lot of cheapies out there to begin with.
    Ebay does have them pop up every now and then.
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