5 stringers?

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  1. i know that 5 string basses are tuned B,E,A,D,G, and 4 strings are E,A,D,G. what i want to know is, do u drop d tune to get a "make-shift" 5 string? therfore the E becomes a B?
  2. Ummm...do you mean tuning a 4 string to B-A-D-G? Or B-E-A-D? Or am I completely off the mark here? :p
  3. If you want to do B A D G then tune your E to a B. Drop D tuning is just that Drop D ( I assume, don't hurt me JT puuhleeesee).

    To tune the E to a B, place a finger on the 2nd fret of the A string and tune the E to that I think....


    See i have a 5 string and have forgotten what it was like to tune to a B on a four.

  4. If you are asking about tuning the E down to B, it won't work with your existing E string- it will get too loose and floppy and you'll probably not get much of any sound but a thud out of it.
    To tune a 4 B-E-A-D, you'll need to get a B string and then move the other 3 up a notch.
    I think that is what you are asking.
    Maybe not.
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    Tuning the E string to B would not provide a workable solution. As F5 suggests tune a 4 string with the BEAD from a 5 string set. When I went 5 string ( and my head became 5 string) I tried tuning my '75 P with BEAD and I now use my BEAD P alternatively with my Roscoe Beck 5. I may never use EADG tuning again. I use the B a lot more than the G and moving up the neck allows the same range.b
  6. i just wanna know how i can play linkin park. the guy uses a 5 string, but i dont have one. i have 4. how do i alter my bass to play what he plays?
  7. Linkin Park! pphhftt, is it really worth it? In my case, when i started a death metal band (real metal! not this punk ass stuff j/k! muhahahaha), the songs sound so much fatter with the B. If its just a case of playing a few songs, then its not worth it. I tuned my old 4 down once, and as stated it goes all flubbery. its still B, but its a really bad B.


    So you like Limp Bizkit and KoRn too heh? lol
  8. Drop D tuning is just tuning the E string, nothing else down to a D. (D/A/D/G)

    If you want the lower notes of a 5-string, just tune your bass B/E/A/D. dont just tune your E-string down to a B. I did that once, and the B sounded like shxt, and it was VERY floppy. Suprisingly, the A (now E) didn't sound too bad, but I'd still recommend getting a 5-string set and tuning it like a 5-string and throw away the G-string or save it or give it to your girlfriend or something:D

    In the video for that Linkin' Park MTV song (cant remember the name), the guy plays a 4 string, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he uses drop D tuning and with all the strings tuned down half a step (Db/Ab/Db/Gb).