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51 P pickup recommendation?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Gecko 5, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. I'm considering a 51 P build (Warmoth).
    Can anyone recommend a good 51 style pickup?
    I know these are normally single coil. Does anyone make a humbucker?
  2. I've now read, Fralin split coils are good
  3. ^^ Indeed. :smug:

    Thats a Fralin straight into my ipad through an Apogee Jam. No EQ or effects.
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  4. Mike Yocum

    Mike Yocum

    Feb 12, 2008
  5. I just put a Fender '51 RI SCPB pickup in my CV 50's Squier p Bass that I'm very happy with... thick full round bottom with rounds and even bigger with GHS P Flats...

    edit: tried a rail humbucker out of curiosity, sounded great but was far too modern and lost all the edge and clank of the SCPB pup
  6. Is that the Japan pup? I have one unused, lined up for a build. You likey? and an improvement over the Squier CV pup?
  7. It came from the U.S. as a stock fender '51 RI part #003 5328 000 but I think you are correct that it is Japanese, could not confirm when I ordered it... it has the slightly raised pole pieces for the A and D which is ideal for the fingerboard radius of the RI bass and no problem on the Squier... I do prefer it, to me it has the edge on the Squier pup tonally but it's so close that setup could be influencing my A-B tests, it does hoever have ever so slightly wider pole pieces (1mm or less) which may explain it. I didn't do long comparison tests to be honest, it was more like, oh I think that's thicker... and I can't put the bass down long enough to re-test... I was going to record both after measuring distances etc.. I just figured I really liked it with the RI pup so I left it in...
  8. Rio Grande Muy Grande.
  9. Lo-E


    Dec 19, 2009
    Brooklyn, NY
    +1. I like that p'up, too.
  10. Good to know, Lo-E, and thanks to Pimm for your reply. I'm getting geared up for this build now ('51 RI and the Squier Telebucker). One thing I would dearly like to know - apols if this is hijacking - how does the 3-way switch on the SC Squier Telecaster Bass do its magic? I'd love to have that electronics installed as well.

  11. Pleasure... good luck with the build, sorry I can't help with the switch info.
  12. stevenkidman045


    Jan 9, 2013
    their is not only one instrument so many are their like dual coils- hum bucking 4/5/6 string bass pickups, fat stacks- stacked humbucking 4/5/6 string bass pickups, big singles- single coil 4/5/6 string bass pickups, big splits- split coil 4/5/6 string bass pickups, 3b preamp, nj4-single coil 4 string jazz-type bass pickups. choose any one of the these.

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