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51 reissue

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by NHGhost, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. NHGhost


    Sep 26, 2004
    Searched the site and must have had about 500 threads come up..so I figured I'd ask.

    Anyone played the Fender 51 reissue? I had a SERIOUS case of GAS last night looking at one...butterscotch..simply yummy. May have to get one. Very cool looking...but wanted to see others opinions before plunking down the greens.

  2. it does look really cool!!!

    i played one at my local guitar shop, and it did sound really great, I just didnt like the feel, beacuse i play jazz basses, but it did sound really good, nice and FAT!!!
  3. jpwinters

    jpwinters Guest

    Aug 22, 2002
    Norfolk, Va
    I used to own one. It's a great bass, very true to the original with the ash body and one piece maple neck/fretboard. Nice feel, excellent workmanship.

    It has a specific tone and does that one tone well. I wish I didn't get rid of mine. :crying:
  4. Kid Charlemagne

    Kid Charlemagne

    May 29, 2002
    I have one from the early/mid nineties. It is a slight bit prettier than the current ones IMO, since the yellow color is a bit more pale - i.e. less of "schoolbus yellow" as you yankees usually put it!
    It is a quite lovely bass, the single coil pickup has a great combination of "clunk" and beefiness.
    Contradictory to my expectations, this bass proved to be very versatile and a lovely recording tool - a much better "filler of sonic space" than most other basses that I own. I have played it with both rounds and flats - the latter give the instrument the right vintage vibe and also makes it sound great when played with a pick. With rounds you get great sustain and bottom.

    Try one, chances are you will like it as much as I do!
  5. TVD


    Jul 14, 2004
    Yes i bought one a few months ago. Love it with some qualifications. I had to mount something on it for a place to plant my thumb, and that invovled some trial and error to get it in the right place, and to get it to stay on the bass. But it's tons easier for me to play now that i have a piece mounted on it. I've gotten alot of compliments on it, it just kinda screams cool. I like to use it on gigs with my G&L L-2500, makes a good contrast. I have flatwounds on the '51, and use it more on the old country, rockabilly and blues stuff. Has a great old school vibe on that stuff. When i do switch basses onstage, i do need to bump the volume up on my amp a bit for the '51, cuz the single coil pu just isn't as hot as the G&L's double humbuckler pu's, but that being said, the '51 has alot of thump itself, and is pretty loud really considering the pu. Like another poster said on this thread, the '51 has one sound, but man it does that sound really well. It sounds a bit different than any other Fender P i've ever played. I also have recorded with the '51 a bit, with surprisingly good results. It's alot more quiet than i thought it would be for recording, and sounds fat, and just has a certain tone. I used it for recording a few bluegrass tunes a guy had, and he was really, really happy with how it sounded, and he had wanted an upright on the session originally.
    The bass is build like a tank, i mean soon as you pick it up, it just screams SOLID. The Japanese did a really great job on this one, it's a high quality, substantial instrument. The slab shape body can feel kinda weird on your arm at first, but i got over that quick. I even used it for a tv appearance i did a few weeks back since i was singing some old country stuff on the show, and got e-mails from people saying what a cool bass. I wouldn't say i like it better than my G&L, cuz let's face it, the G&L L-2500 is one of the greatest basses in the world IMO, but like i said the '51 makes a great contrast to it i think. I'd use the '51 on a gig without a backup without any fear of problems. I don't think the '51 is the right bass for everyone, or for everystyle of music. For more modern tones you may want something else. But for any kind of music where you want that retro "vibe", it's a wonderful instrument and could be used as your main gigging instrument. Hope this helps. Trent
  6. frigo

    frigo burn in hell!

    Dec 8, 2003
    I completely agree with trent, i also got a '52 1 reissue, mine is a japanese made in '94 and it has a 2 colors sunburst finish (not very usual on this bass, very usual on the "sting"). Only thing i noticed is, if you play harmonics like jaco style stuff, you won't get harmonics from the 4th and 10th fret. I mean if you play unplugged you can hear it, but if you plug in the amo, you probably will not hear anything coming out from the pickup. maybe is just mine, let me know... fot the rest is an absolutely great sounding bass... if you want that sound, you need this bass
  7. FireAarro


    Aug 8, 2004
    The placement of the pickup is exactly where the nodes for those harmonics are, thus there is no vibration of the harmonics at the point of string the pickup sense, meaning you won't get them.
  8. Oh yeah...a '51 w/ big ole flat wounds on there!