No longer available $550 1998 R.M. Mottola 6: Cherry body, ebony fretboard Audere 4 band pre

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    Huge tonal palette with the Audere!
    Great B (strung b-c currently)
    Quiet (well shielded) minimal neck dive low buzz free action.
    Rare and unusual handmade instrument by R.M. Motolla of Liutaio Mottola (maker of weird wonderful experimental instruments) Liutaio Mottola Lutherie Information Website

    I have an opportunity to get an EUB that I will use far more than this 6, and the funds will go to that.

    This needs to go QUICK!!! Reasonable offers will be accepted!
    * I'm also offering several other items for sale.
    * if I reach my goal i reserve the right to pull this ad.
    * It will also go up on reverb.
    * I will bundle multiple items for discounts, local sale (SF bay area)
    **no case can include a used gig bag add 30.00

    PayPal preferred: PayPal.Me/Rayzoredge

    Weight: 11lbs
    Scale: 34"
    22 frets 14" radius
    Heel access truss rod
    3x3 headstock (Carvin sealed tuners 3/8)
    MOP dot inlays and headstock logo
    Figured Ebony 24
    Style Quasi Jazz
    Maple neck
    ABM "roller" bridge (Top Load)
    Narrow (16.5" string spacing but pretty common for a 6 string)
    Audere 4 band 6 knob preamp, all new knobs from Audere (low and high mids)
    Carvin Pickups (4 string size both long) blade poles on these so coverage is great.
    well shielded cavities (even with the tapes little background noise)
    Dunlop Dual Design straplock pegs

    Thin lacquer finish, matte.
    Couple small scratches: one on the back by the neck screws (the light one, the dark mark is in the grain of the wood) and one on the top of the bass side edge (facing player)

    20161204_102332.jpg 20161204_102401.jpg 20161204_102418.jpg 20161204_102431.jpg 20161204_102451.jpg 20161204_102507.jpg 20161204_102516.jpg 20161204_102547.jpg
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    Good Luck!! It's a killer bass!
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    Thanks @Moe Monsarrat !
    Now even better with the addition of the brand spanking new Audere 4 band Pre!
    Strung with Labella white Tapes.
    wish i did not have to part with it, but limited funds need to be replenished, I hope that I may be able to keep it :) if a few other things sell it's a possibility!
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    /\/\3phist0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) mmm Woody! DHDIK? Sweet Treets. Supporting Member

    Open to trades!