59 vs 62 Fender Precision Custom Shop Body/Neck Difference?

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    Mar 31, 2011
    Hello folks,

    Is there a difference between a 1959 Precision bass body vs say a 1962 or any Fender Precision body? Thinking about ordering a 1962 Fender Custom Shop Precision and the spec sheet they sent back says 1959 body instead of 1962 body. Does anybody know if the 1959 Precision body is just a standard Fender body in the eyes of the CS? Does Fender Custom Shop consider all Fender Precision Bass bodies 1959?
    As far as the neck ...the spec sheet says Neck: Like 59; Neck shape 1960 Oval. It just seems weird that if I want to order a 1962 Precision CS that all the specs would say 1962. Does anybody have experience with the Fender CS and how the spec sheet works when it comes to body and neck? Thanks
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    Dec 18, 2011
    It's just a guess on my part. But the reason that they might consider it a 1959 body is that mid 59. They changed the control cavityy route
    The change was made to accommodate the 13 hole tortoise shell. Pickguard versus the older 10 hole anodised aluminum ones.and that was what was seen and all subsequent pre CBS precision bases.
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