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    So joined this band about 6 months ago. Hardrock/Classic rock originals band. The tunes aren't bad but as of next week i hit the 6 month mark with them.

    In the 6 months we have:

    Recorded 6 songs
    I've learned about a dozen original
    we picked up a drummer 4 weeks ago.

    When I originally joined the band I had stated a 6 month make or break point. I'm kinda on the fence as to if we have accomplished a lot. Most other bands I've been in at this point have done a whole lot less than this.

    A few other markers in the band:
    Guys take so much time to make a descision on anything

    we were recording, than guys wanted to do cover, now we are recording again (over 6 months)

    Sometimes feel their is tension in the band, this appears to be normal in my experience, but still concerns me a bit.

    Anyway, thoughts?
  2. obimark


    Sep 1, 2011
    Was their talk of actually playing this music out somewhere? or is this jsut a recording project? IME if you haven't played out within 3 months, the chances are slim you ever will.
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    When you say tension, what do you mean by that? In my mind, tension is the precursor just before drama shows it's ugly head.
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    Aug 17, 2007
    Tough one man.
    6 months in and only 6 originals recorded?
    1 dozen learned?
    New drummer for 1 month?
    Must've been a start-up band right? Or did you join a work in progress?

    My feeling is you should be further along by now. Have any gigs been played? If so, how'd they go?
    Tensions will occur, but is it getting worse?
    You say previous band's you've been in have done less at this point. If you're happy with your current situation, stick with it. If not - you know what to do.
  5. A dozen songs that make a decent set? Do a multiband show and evaluate. If they won't do a show you walk.
  6. Recording is nice...depending on the end goal. But why not start playing out and getting a following?? Nobody is going to buy your album anyway if they've never heard of you.