6 months to replace a Fender Custom Shop jazz bass neck under warranty?!?

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    I happen to know that this rep was not a Custom Shop Rep...and that when the Custom Shop folks caught wind of this...they were more appalled than you all are. They are just disgusted by this...I know this first hand...and now that the issue has been brought to their attention...they are determined to make it right. You'll see.
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  3. Like a boss. :bassist:
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    It's a limited production bass and not a real CS and they don't know if and when the neck will be made again? They should have offered an alternative up front, but I don't see how a customer service rep dropping the ball is a reflection of the custom shop. Did I read it wrong? Still the amount of time involved is way out of line, to make this right they'd better go well beyond the initial expectation.
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    Good to know. Thanks.
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    To be completely fair, we don't have Fender's side of the story. Some seem to be ready to jump on the band wagon after only hearing half the story. We also haven't seen the text of both sides' emails.

    My CS Time Machine '59 P had an issue where the skunk stripe was lifting in one spot causing a rough spot. When John Kager at Central Jersey Music Service contacted the Custom Shop for warranty repair, they said the bass would have to be sent back to them and the neck replacement could take six months. It did take that long, but the new neck is beautiful and the work was well done, all completed at no cost to me. They put a new set of strings on it; although, I wish they hadn't because I had a new set of TI flats on it. I didn't know that I should have specified not to change the strings.

    In the OP's case, it's only been four and a half months, not six. I believe the CS Custom Classic is a discontinued model.
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    Actually getting things done... sometimes![SUP]TM[/SUP]
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    I purchased one from Sweetwater. They are spec'd out by Sweetwater, team built in Fender's Custom Shop and backed by Fender's Custom Care.
    Maybe not to others, but that's a real custom shop bass to me.

    Here's what Dan Van Amerongen of Sweetwater said about these basses in another thread on this forum. http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f8/fender-custom-shop-club-810595/index3.html;
    Yes, the Custom Shop "Custom Classic" was discontinued. I've got an '06 Aged Cherry with Pao Ferro fretboard 5r that I bought in 2006.

    The ones we have now are called the "Custom Classic Special" and was a special run that we had done for Sweetwater. There are several upgrades/changes from the "Custom Classic"

    Badass III Bridge on four string models
    "AA" Flame neck
    Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickups
    Bound fretboard
    White Pearl Inlay on RW, and Black Pearl Inlay on Maple fretboards
    Some custom colors, like Violin Burst, Sunset Orange, and others, plus the traditional colors.

    Dan Van Amerongen
    Sweetwater Senior Sales Engineer www.sweetwater.com

    Fender MIA Club Member #34
    Fender Custom Classic Jazz V
    Peavey Unity series 4 string
    Upright Bass

    Here’s the spec sheet that came with mine;
    Color: Violin Burst (Nitro Finish)
    Body: Ash
    Neck: "AA" Flame Maple, Modern C Shape, (Polished Satin Urethane Finish)
    Neck Binding: Black
    Fingerboard: Maple, 9-1/2" Radius
    Position Inlays: Black pearl
    No. of Frets: 21 Medium Jumbo
    Scale Length: 34"
    Width at Nut: 1-7/8"
    Hardware: Chrome
    Machine Heads: Fender/Schaller Deluxe Lightweight Tuning Machines
    Bridge: HMV (High-mass Vintage)
    Pickguard: 4-ply Aged White Pearloid (actually is 3 ply white parchment)
    Pickups: Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound for Jazz Bass Pickups (Bridge/ Mid)
    Pickup Switching: Pan Pot
    Controls: Master Volume, Pickup Pan Pot
    Electronics: 3-Band Active EQ
    Strings: (Fender) Super 8250-5M-135, .045, .065, .085, .110tw, .130TW
    Case: Hardshell Case Included (Deluxe Black Hardshell Case with Black Interior)
    Accessories: Strap, Straplocks, Cable, and Polishing Cloth
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    Not disagreeing, but I was repeating what I gleaned from previous comments. Personally I think it's a disgraceful that it's taking this long. If there is something about the neck they can't recreate due to a production run or whatever then they need to offer an alternative. I hope this thread puts a bit of urgency for them to get this resolved. Good luck!
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    Rob helped me out on a small matter with a CS Precision and was fantastic. I have no agenda. I speak as I find. I couldn't fault this guy. Sometimes, the "right" person needs to be aware and then action takes over. I await the "but it shouldn't be defective in the first place" comments (not aimed at OP I hasten to add), but these are products produced out of natural materials that ship across a multitude of climates. Sounds from Faulkner's input that the right people weren't aware. They are now. This will have a good outcome.
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    Some of you may remember my Lakland story from a few years back. I bought a used 55-02 fretless that was only about one year old when the truss rod was found to be broken. Lakland replaced the neck for free, and I had the bass back one week from the day I shipped it to them from NC. Keep your custom shops.
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    In my case, I have four CS Basses. All are Time Machines, so they weren't special ordered or Master Built. I still consider them every bit Custom Shops and the sound and quality (such as the quarter-sawn necks) are far superior to any of the MIA's I've had over the years (at least six or seven). That said, I sympathize with the OP because I could easily do without that bass for six months; I had others to use in the meantime.

    On a side note, I had an issue with one of the cases. The lip overlapped some and I wasn't happy with it. They sent me another case with no problem. I'm very happy with their Custom Care.
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    Rob is THE guy.. He'll sort it.

    As for time, my 59P developed a neck issue, fender Australia (not a part of fender US by the way) completely botched the repair, The CS decided to replace the repaired neck. Took over 6 months.

    Considering the custom shop is a small operation, things are made to order and their general new build turn around is 9 months, I don't find that all that out of the ordinary. No custom shop guitar is off the shelf, I doubt they just have stocks of necks in every possible variant and colour just sitting around, so would necessitate a custom build.

    Those custom classics came in a huge variety.. Matched headstocks, rosewood, maple, fret types.. Why are people surprised by the time? You think the custom shop guys sit around idly banging out the odd guitar?!
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    Is that Lakland a custom built?
    If not, then it's a production instrument where parts are most likely readily available.
    That also would be camparing apples to oranges.

    No disrespect to you or Lakland basses intended. I believe they make a very good bass.
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    I play it all. Whatever works for the gig. Q+
    Many years ago 1994. I had 62 Fender Reissue P Bass with Truss rod issues. fender Suggested that i get a WARMOTH neck instead. since it was better made !!! NO JOKE..

    I said if i wanted a parts bass i would now have gotten the fender.

    They NEVER followed through with replacement ..
    I was out on a tour and forgot about it..
    I still have the body and pickups here .. Finally sent the neck to Jimmy Alleva Coppolo to repair the truss rod. But he is really busy. I vowed to never buy another new fender bass again.. And i havent
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    Custom Classics are real Custom Shop basses and they are still available to order. Sweetwater has their own run. Mine was ordered from a different dealer and was specked using Fender's quote sheet.

    When I picked up my Masterbuilt P, the dealer said that during the setup process, they believed the neck was twisted and wanted to send it back for replacement. At that time, it was something like a year wait to get it done. Turned out to be nothing. I think maybe the tech was a little nervous after seeing the price tag or something. Anyway, the dealer sent it back to the Masterbuilder who turned it around quickly and set it up perfectly. It's my favorite bass and is absolutely perfect in every way.
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    Update #2: More good news today. My goal in starting this thread was to reach out to the TB community and find out who the right person at the Custom Shop was. Rob Schwarz "gets it" and has earned a gold star in my book.

    BTW: This is a remarkable instrument. I have owned many basses over the last 30 years. The workmanship, playability and tone of this instrument are great. For whatever reason, the neck developed a twist. That can happen to any manufacturer. the Custom Shop immediately informed me that the neck would be replaced at no cost. No questions asked.

    My only beef is with the many commitments that were broken. Another 30 day wait would have put us close to 6 months. I believe that only one person was involved in making these commitments and this should clearly not be a reflection of the entire Custom Shop. I truly believe that they are an exceptional group of people.

    I am looking forward to getting her back soon. It just hasn't been the same since she has been gone.

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    This is why you buy a Lakland USA...
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    I love Fender but their customer service is what keeps me from using their products.
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    Final update.

    They completed the neck and performed a 21 point inspection in 48 hours. fter I posted my issue. The bass was overnighted to Chicago and I received it Friday.

    Cudos to Fender for working through some internal communication issues and making this right.

    Still a satisfied customer.