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6 string + +/-1000€=ibanez sr3006e?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Kheos, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Kheos


    Aug 12, 2002
    I'm planning on buying a new bass which would be a 6stringer. I sorta got 1000€, but I could slightly go over that. I was thinking about the Ibanez 3006e, but I was wondering if you guys could suggests some other 6'ers for about the same money. I only listen to metal, and I'll probaply only play with/in metalbands, but I'm not your average metalbass player. I like to mix styles and just do my own thing which is some fingerstyle, some slapping, chord stuff.. you name it.
    oh yeah, and whay should I bew aware of while buying a new bass? my first(and previous) were in a starterskit, but now I'm going for the real deal.
  2. get a conklin 7 strings because its around 1000 and a lot better than an ibanez and I know it 1 more string but is not a "big deal" you know and that 7th string can be very useful also its got bart too! and plays amazing!!! and also the low "B" is very comfy its tight!
  3. I would say playing it first, is one of the more important aspects of buying a new bass. Make sure you're comfortable with it (string spacing, scale length, neck profile, etc.). Make sure you like the tone, the controls, and the looks of the instrument.

    Make sure you know what you're getting into; example, an active bass will need a battery change sooner or later, and you'll feel really dumb when you take your $1000 bass to the shop because it "doesn't work".

    The 3000E is a very nice bass, my bass teacher has an older version of it. Just do your homework, this site has lot's of great info, and get your hands on as many basses as possable.

    Keep us updated!

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