6 string bass necks for sale

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  1. What are the 6 string bass necks that can be ordered from the manufacturers? So far I know:

    Moses Graphite for $655
    Warmoth Gecko 6 for $285
    Carvin 6 str. neck for $250

    Any other?
  2. No reply yet? Even there is no "Jaco needed only 4" :( :D :D
  3. Bassstud1

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    Sep 23, 2001
    LaPorte Indiana USA
    I couldn't find a replacment neck for my Musicman 5 string. I got lucky and had a local guy build it for me for a great price. I know it sounds corny but he told me not to tell. I will tell you it was more than the necks from warmouth or carvin. But a neck built exactly to the one on my bass. His name is John Lynch he has been making guiters and basses for over 20 years and he's still not a dick about it. He just really seems to enjoy doing it. I will try to dig his phone number out and post it.