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  1. currentbuzz


    Mar 4, 2006
    hi rufus! i just heard your audio samples from your site and man you are awesome.. and i also saw your pics and noticed that you are using 6 String Bass and im a huge fan of 6 string users can you give me name of your albums out in the market so that i can buy so i can hear you playin 6.

    peace and harmony...
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Los Angeles
    hey there currentbuzz!
    Thanks for the compliments-you know I used to play 6 string..I may be a bit unusual in that I went 4 string to 6, and now I play 5!
    However, hmmm-ok-here's one of the first things I ever did on 6 string.It's a cd by Geoff Castle and his"expanded " jazz project its on Turret records I believe. I also did a fun led Zeppelin Big band Project (which also features Tim Ries, who plays sax for a struggling boy band from England called The Rolling Stones) the project is called "Bill Warfield and the New york Fusion Ensemble" play Led Zep! Its pretty crazy! I used a bolt on Smith BSR on that (its available from warfieldmusic.com Another fun project-but no solos, only groove stuff was with Guitarist Jeff golub and very groovy drummer Buddy Williams (he's played with marcus miller, crusaders,will downing and A LOT with Anthony Jackson) "Timebyrd" -its a bit in the Anita Baker vein...cool r&b groove.....Was actually the first cd I ever did in NYC!
    There is a track on Derek Sherinian's last c.d. "Mythology" featuring me with Simon Phillips,Jerry Goodman, and..Allan Holdsworth (a young guitarist from England like me!)-you can hear a clip of that on my website homepage.
    STOP PRESS news though -I do use my Smith a bit on the new (soon to be released) Planet X cd-which will be out soon-but most of it is recorded with my Ibanez basses now. Either the Roadgears or my new custom soundgear/RP models....
    You can also hear me on Derek's new solo c.d. which should be out soon-but that again will be on the 5....Guess I am leaving the high "C"s behind!
    Oh yes! I just remembered-there is a solo on an old joe Deninzon c.d-me and Alex Skolnick of testament fame on that..no idea what label-its been a while-!
  3. currentbuzz


    Mar 4, 2006
    ill check those mentioned records. hope i can hear more of you playin 6 if you do so please drop by this thread and inform me if you have any new record out using 6 string.. im just new at my gear and really devoted myself on playin the instrument ive been listening to as much as many 6 stringers i know... john patitucci, jimmy haslip, anthony jackson, alain caron, john myung, oteil burbridge, tetsuo sakurai, todd johnson and the list goes on...

    peace and harmony