6 String for sale or trade....

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  1. Hey guys I have a Dean Edge 6 string. It is in transparent blue and has black hardware, EMG-HZ pickups, and I added Schaller Straplocks.

    The bass is in excelent condition. The reason I am selling it is I just simply don't use the high C.

    The bass lists for $650, retails for $475, I'm looking to get $400 OBO.

    Also, and actually ideally, I'd be willing to do a straight up trade for a comparable 5 string (Dean Edge, Spector NS2005, Schecter Stilletto, **your bass here**).

    My email is chaoslord99@hotmail.com

    Pictures of the bass are available on request.
  2. odie

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    Not to rain on your parade but alot of places are letting them go for under $400. I know that's not what you wanted to hear. Ebay often has items going for more than what they are new.
  3. I wasn't going by Ebay prices. The lowest I have personally seen the 6 selling for is at Bass Northwest, which sells it for $450 plus shipping. Everywhere else I have seen them go for $475ish.

    Also notice there is a big OBO next to it, I just felt $400 was a good starting price, if anyone feels it's too much and wants to make a resonable offer than I'm all ears.

    Ideally though I'd prefer to just trade it up for a 5 anyhow. I'm hoping someone here might have a 5 and want to step up to a six, hopefully this will save both me and that person the trouble of buying new instruments.

    Thanks for your comments.
  4. odie

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    I meant by the ebay comment was that you may get more for it on ebay since often times the shoppers there arent as savy as the ones on talkbass.
    I stand corrected the cheapest I found on the web is $449, and $419 @ a semi-local music store with gig bag.

    By the way cool band site, I plan on checking your samples if their are some.
  5. well i dont have what you want to trade for but i will trade for an ibanez sr300dx, It is in almost perfect condition because that was my first bass and i havent used it for a whilke because i had shortly after buying it i had bought a musicman stingray. are u at all interested in trading because I would be more than happy too?
  6. metalhead986,

    Thanks for the offer but I can't be without a low B. If you want the bass however I have dropped my asking price to $350 plus shipping.

    Let me know if you're interested.
  7. I have a fender 5 that is of the Mexican variety though. It sounds nice but is only passive, possible for trade and cash? Could you send me a picture of the six, because I am interested. EastMeetswest74@aol.com Keith
  8. CarvinLvr74,

    Hey thanks for the offer, I already have a mexi jazz 5 which I don't care for. I do still have the Dean 6 and am still asking $350. If you're interested in buying it or if you have a different 5 to offer I'd love to hear about it. Let me know either here or by email chaoslord99@hotmail.com