6 string Ibanez BTB Cheap!

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  1. Hey I am in the Air Force and I need to sell this thing ASAP. I am selling the bass itself, plus a fender frontman 15w amp and a 15 ft monster cable for $500. I need to sell this before the 14th of February because I am shipping out to TX. The bass has rarely been played and has elxirs on it. if you want all the specs just check out the ibanez website. Also I will include the Ibanez hardshell case which cost $90. this whole setup new would cost about $800+. Buyer agrees to pay for shipping. ( I will find out the shipping cost as soon as possible)
    Christopher Murray
  2. Matt Morgan

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    Oct 21, 2001
    Plano, TX
    I don't really need the amp or cable, so how much would you like just for the bass? Thanks.