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  1. i got a 5 string bass about a year ago after finding 4 strings confiding (sp?), and i have now found the same with the 5er so i'm moving to a 6 string.

    now don't get me wrong, i don't think i'm to good for a 4 or 5, in fact i'm 100% sure i'm not! i just find myself yearning to go higher and lower than the range a 4 string can provide.

    i was originally going to buy a yammaha TRB bass 2nd hand for 500 (pounds) then i discovered 2 more basses in my price range

    cort curbow; this has always been one of my dream basses (for looks, i've never played it), and i have always thaught it was about a grand, now i find i can get it for 570!

    ibanez BTB; i have played the 5 string version of this and found it to be a lot better than i had thaught.

    are there any other basses in my pricerange (no more than 600) that are worth checking out? i play all styles, fingerstyle, slap, ect. and all kinds of music, punk, funk, classical ect. so i want the bass to be as versatile as possible, because, apart from my Yamaha RBX 260, which needs some work, it will be my only bass.


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    Carvin LB76.
  4. A basic LB76 will run around £900 here.