6 string set with .110 E string?

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  1. I'm playing a 6 string bass that I tune down two steps. Since I play quite aggressive I need to have high-tension strings. The main requirement is that the B string is .130 and the E string is .110. I like stainless steel but nickel would also be ok. So far, I have not found any manufacturer who provides these sets. Who has a suggestion?
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    Buy a thick 4-string set and get a single .130 B and .35 C.
    DR Lo Riders are quite tight, and have a nice fingerstyle growl. IIRC, they have a thick 4-string version.
    I found TI Powerbass strings to be even higher tension (or so I feel), but they got quite expensive...

    Anyway, are you sure you need to detune? Notes under D are less and less intelligible in a mix, you can't make out what goes on there beside some low-end rumble. Just my opinion, though.
  3. Buying a 4-string set and adding the B and C is an option indeed, thanks for pointing out.

    As for the D-tuning: my band tunes down 2 steps and most songs are written in D. It is much easier for me to have an 'open' D as well for some of the riffs, but I also like the option of going lower then that D every now and then, so tuning the B up to D is not an option. Also, I like the choice of being able to play the D on the fifth position of the B string (A, in my case), it's convenient for some riffs.
  4. For now I've ordered a custom set, http://www.bassguitarstrings.us/ offered DR custom sets at no extra charge, so I've ordered a couple of 130-110-90-70-50-35 sets to see how I like them. I will try the Foderas as soon as I have some more money.