6 string SIT Silencers vs Ken Smith Compressors

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  1. The Ken Smith strings are made by GHS(?), so I believe they are similar to their pressure wounds. I preferred the Smith website over GHS for the ease of buying a separate C and B. The Smith makes their C at .28, which I like. Both use a proprietary alloy?

    The SIT Silencers use nickle and are easy to buy as I dont need to pick a seperate C and B. The Silencers are cheaper. The Silencers are hex core whole the Ken Smith's are round?

    On the 6er I play fingerstyle with and without nails on my index and middle for the most part. I run passive with Bart soapbars. I save most of my slapping for the active 4 string with rounds.

    I want semi-quiet / semi-smooth strings I can shift chords gracefully and gliss for legato passages. This is a technique concern but strings are important. I'd like some zing available to me, otherwise I'd use TI flats.

    Ideas on the overall subject? This is not limited to the two strings in the title.
  2. Both GHS Pressurewounds and Ken Smith Compressors (by GHS) use Alloy 52, which is a nickel-iron alloy. They're both hex core. The main difference between the two is the winding length (ball end to silk), 37.25" (GHS) vs. 38" (KS). GHS has black silk only at the tuner end, while KS has purple silk at both ends.

    SIT Silencers are nickel-plated steel on hex core. (I have no personal experience with them.)

    What I like about the GHS PWs is the magnetically responsive nature of Alloy 52 with extra punch and crunch.
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  3. "37.25" (GHS) vs. 38" (KS).

    I have never taken this into consideration. I have a 34 scale bass. Does it matter?
  4. 37.25" would be better suited for top-loading on a 34" scale.

    Here's a pic of the GHS PWs on my 34" scale Yamaha:

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  5. I have a similar configuration. I am going with the GHS Pressurewounds then. I can buy the 5 string set and figure out a way to buy a single C string.
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    I'm sure Fretnation or any other online string place has the C string that matches the set.
  7. I usually order my GHS strings from Strings By Mail. They're based in Michigan, where GHS is located and they can special order anything from GHS in a very timely fashion. There is a guy named "Matt" who's always very helpful. You can contact him through "contact us" link on their website.

    One word of caution...
    GHS only offers a factory 5-string set in "medium" (44-62-84-106-128). If you do a lot of chordal work on your 6-string, you might want to go a bit lighter as these PWs tend to be a bit stiffer-feeling than typical rounds of similar gauges. I personally use the ML7200 (44-58-80-102) set plus the 128B on my 5-string.
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    Manager of Brand Identity & Development, GHS Strings, Innovation Double Bass Strings, Rocktron
    I'd argue this, as I used the medium set with a High C for years and had no problem with chordal work. Because they're stiffer, I found the action could be lowered a bit more, making chords on a Broadneck Streamer LX that much easier.
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  9. I was just sharing my own experience just so @bassrique is aware of what to expect. The M7200-5 may just be the perfect thing for him/her. Just try them and see...
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