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6 Stringer in $2000-$3000 range?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Hugh Jazz, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Hugh Jazz

    Hugh Jazz

    Sep 13, 2001
    Atlanta, GA
    Hey guys,

    I'm planning to upgrade my bass sometime next year (or as soon as I possibly can). I'm a 6 string player looking for the most raunchy, aggressive, growly sound possible within my price range of $2k-3k. At the moment, I have saved about $2k, but hopefully by the time I actually buy the bass, I'll have much more than that.

    So anyway, I was thinking about going the custom route to help meet my aggressive tonal needs. Besides, there aren't too many 6ers on the mass production market anyway. Here are a few companies/luthiers that I'm looking into at the moment:

    Wal (My sound. I'd kill for these, but they're oh-so-expensive)
    Elrick (don't really know anything about them both price and tone-wise)
    Warwick (Great tone, awful neck :()
    Conklin (probably too expensive)
    MTD (too rich for my blood)

    If there are any others out there that I have missed, or that you recommend, please, please, please let me know. I am open to used instruments, but I would prefer to get a new one, even if it means paying a bit more. And by a bit, I do not mean $1000 more.

    So if anyone can help out a poor kid out, please do. He will appreciate it very very very much.

  2. You should also consider Hanewinckel Guitars ( http://www.hguitars.com/ ). I think that they have one of the best quailty to price ratios. Their necks feel great and the instrument is well balanced. They sound great too!

    Here's a nice one:


    - Dave
  3. Hugh Jazz

    Hugh Jazz

    Sep 13, 2001
    Atlanta, GA
    Crap, forgot to include Hanewinckels on the list! I've been looking at their site a lot, and if I got one, it would more than likely be in that very body style.

    Speaking of which, I know that the tones depend on the woods (obviously, that's why I want to get a "custom" bass), but what do the Hanewinckels "generally" sound like?
  4. geshel


    Oct 2, 2001
    I haven't heard enough of them to know if there's a "Hanewinckel Sound", but given the multitude of variables (woods, pickups, neck construction), I'd imagine they span a pretty wide area. I think the thing with Hanewinckels is that you can choose the elements you want for the sound you want, and get a beautiful, very well-constructed bass out of it. Oh, and a comfortable, easy-playing one, too. :)

    My two sound pretty different, with mostly the electronics (Bartolini) making up the common area.

    Here's a sample I just recorded of the fretless (bolt-on, padauk neck, pau ferro fingerboard, mahogany body, "inside" coils of both pickups - direct to my computer):


    I turned up the treble on the bass a bit on this one. I'd imagine if this was a fretted instrument that'd be a pretty agressive tone! (in fact I'm trying to put thoughts of getting a fretted equivalent out of my head! :) ).
  5. I just bought an ABG from Jon Shuker, and he was great to work with. He does solid-body 6s, and his prices are good, even though he lives in England.

  6. Brian Barrett

    Brian Barrett

    Nov 25, 2001
    Murfreesboro, TN (Nashville)
    Dealer LowEndBassShop.com, Builder LowEndBasses.com
    Check out the Benavente's.
    You might also look at some of the reviews in the dudepit. They've been crossed with Fbass & fodera on the 219 series and Single Cut's. The vortex has been been crossed between a Wal's sound & MTD.

    a 6 string Vortex will run from $1700 & up depending on options.

    Thanks and good luck
  7. ldiezman


    Jul 11, 2001
    Well since you mentioned Elrick, and I have one ;).. I'll tell you that they are excellent for the price.

    I picked up my elrick over a Fodera I had been wanting for awhile. Not only was the Elrick Cheaper, it just felt better in my hands.. and at 1/2 the price of fodera basses, I think Elrick comes out on top..

    Elricks are made by one man alone Rob Elrick.. His work is great.. Worth consideration IMHO
  8. Hugh Jazz

    Hugh Jazz

    Sep 13, 2001
    Atlanta, GA
    Josh Walsh: I know that there are tons of options in my price range, but the number of companies that offer 6 strings is significantly lower, (eg. Lakland, Sadowsky, Mike Lull, etc.), and the number that offer a tone similar to that I'm looking for is even lower :(. I have played a couple of Zons (I think they were both Sonus Specials), and while they felt great and had a nice tight B, they had more of a high end sizzle/snap than the midrange growl that I want. It's probably the graphite neck, because the Moduluses I've tried had a somewhat similar sound, except I didn't like them at all. But I will have to give them (the Zons) another shot.

    Indiezman: How does the feel/playability of the Elrick compare to other more "popular" basses? I've heard both great reviews as well as a couple that said it felt like a piece of plywood. I myself prefer wide necks that aren't too thick or too thin (I have a BTB at the moment that feels pretty good to me).

    B. Barrett: I've read about Benaventes, but the website does'nt have any info on the Vortex, or anything else like what kind of woods, electronics, etc. are used to build the instruments.

    R. Lindsey: Thanks, I'll check it out!

    Geshel: Wow! :eek: Nice tone! Got a few questions though: since Barts are pretty warm sounding, would they tame some of the aggressiveness that I'm going for? Also, what woods are in the recorded bass?

    Thanks a ton guys, and keep the opinions coming!

  9. How about a US Bolt on Spector - they do a six in your price range (the neck thru models are quite a bit over your limit!)
  10. geshel


    Oct 2, 2001
    Thanks - I'm finding that I like the direct tone of that bass just fine, where I've been running the fretted through an Alembic preamp setup lately.

    The Barts have a good amount of low mids, but they don't have aggressive highs. I've found on the fretted though that the treble knob is very good at changing the character of the sound, adding highs in just about the right place. However, you might do better with some SD or EMG pickups.

    As for the woods :D

    Forgot to mention, maple stringers in the neck and a spalted/burled maple top:


    (the one on the right)
  11. Don't forget about F bass (fbass.com) and Surine basses (surinebasses.com). The F basses have more of a traditional sound, while the Surines have more of a modern sound. The Surines are totally custom.
  12. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    At least TRY the Yamaha John Patitucci bass. Just try it. If I had that kind a dough lyin' around my house, that's what I would buy.
  13. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Make sure you check out a Roscoe before you buy anything.
  14. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    you can find wals and conklins used in that price range, no problem, just gotta be patient and check out all the outlets. about a year and a half ago, both bassnw and basspalace had 6 string wals for around 2200.

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