6 strings for a lefty

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  1. theshadow2001


    Jun 17, 2004
    So I was just wondering if any one can recommend a 6 string of pure excellence for my left handed self. I like the idea of a warwick thumb(is the thumb the top model from warwick?). I find rickenbackers a bit uncomfortable. If I want a good high end model am I going to have to go down the line of ken smith or other custom basses? Lets say a price range between $0-$3100

    P.S. None of this turning things upside down rubbish I don't want to know about it....or learn how to play right handed it's waaaaaay to late for that.You wont be able to convince me otherwise.:p
  2. Your most economical bet for for a good lefty *production* instrument instrument will be Carvin. I believe they have an Irish distributor; they certainly have a British one.

    But if you have $3100 to spend, you can afford to go custom. There's a great Irish luthier, Chris Larkin--he could probably do you something nice. Beyond that, given shipping and import duties on US instruments, I'd look at European makers first if I were you. I'm a big fan of many American custom luthiers, but a bass certainly doesn't have to be American to be good. Mine are English, as it happens.
  3. theshadow2001


    Jun 17, 2004
    Wow I never even knew chris existed. It's a bit strange having someone from new york telling me about an Irish luthier. Have you ever played any of his instruments?If you have what was your experience?

    Human bass is a german custom maker has anyone had any experience with that particular brand?

    Does anyone have a clue of other custom makers european or otherwise that would be worth considering or an idea of other production basses that would suit?
  4. I played one of Chris's electric upright basses once. It was very cool.


    Haven't checked out his other stuff, though. However, the word of mouth I hear is very good.

    This is the guy who made my basses, whom I recommend highly:


    This guy has several happy customers on TB, and he's an occasional poster here: