SOLD 60’s Fender Dual Showman Reverb TFL5000D - Blackfaced

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    Amazing example of pure fender tone. This is a late 60’s TFL5000D Silverface Dual Showman Reverb. These are basically Twin Reverbs in head form. This thing has been completely gone through in and out, and had around $600 in refurb/upgrades done to it in the last year. All work was done at the incredible Acorn Amps in Atlanta (the entire work history paperwork will be included). First and foremost, this amp was changed to the blackface circuitry. Brand new Reverb tank with new wiring. Also rotated the tank 180 forward to get a better noise wall. All electrolytic caps replaced. Trem caps replaced. New octocoupler. Everything was just cleaned out, biased, and tested. This amp may not be in Mint condition outside, but you won’t find a better sounding or built DSR. Its the inside that counts right? Just throwing it out for feelers. Would like to work locally, but would ship at buyer’s expense. I use the head with a Bassman 100 pyramid 412. If you’re local, we can talk about the whole stack. She sounds beautiful. Possibly interested in trades. Would do just the head or the whole stack. Anyhow, message with questions or offers. Thanks!

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