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60 year old Czech bass

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by Humberto, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Post-war 3/4 plywood made in Czechoslovakia ca. late 40's.

    I bought this bass in 1972 and had major work done in 2003 by David Gage's shop. I've dragged it around for the last 30 + years and always treated it with TLC.

    In 2003: new ebony board, end pin, tuners, repaired seams, etc.

    Bridge was originally put on in 1979 and cut to be adjustable in 2003. Bass is in decent shape with normal wear and tear. Beautiful tone with a real nice growl. Records wonderfully. Strung with D'addario helicore and Pirastro Oliv (D & G).


    Bass located in Pleasantville, NY. Will ship.

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  2. Here are some more photos

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  3. More photos

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  4. Price dropped to $2300. I'd like to keep the Gage Realist P/U but that's negotiable.
  5. any chance you get down to to the city with the bass often so i could play on it sometime?
  6. I can do that although I'd rather not drag the bass out - if you're interested, PM me and I'll tell you how to get to Pleasantville - it's easy on the train from the city.
  7. wher eis pleasantville ny? near the city? I woudl like to playon teh bass if possible
  8. Alexi David

    Alexi David

    May 15, 2003
    wow, what a bass!

    You can take the metro-north train (east) from Grand Central. It's about an hour trip if I remember well.

    I still think these cutaways are better for placing an ashtray and beer coaster.......
  9. Pleasantville is a 40 - 50 minute ride from Grand Central on Metro North.

    I was surprised that I sold the Strunal before this bass since it was twice the price - this is a really nice bass with a clear voice and a bargain with the set-up it comes with.

    I would like to sell this before the end of the month - so I'm motivated.
    Any serious inquries can email or pm me for a cd of how sweet it sounds recorded.