600 bucks for an amp

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  1. My great grandfather passed away and I was given some money last year. After using some for trips to Florida and DC, I have 600 bucks left and I need a bass amp. Right now I am playing through an old peavey guitar amp and when I play out with my band it sounds like death takin a dump. So heres the obvious question:
    What is the best peice of equipment I could get with 600 dollars?
  2. I just found a bunch of junk relevant to my question. Maybe I should read first.
  3. grooveguru


    Sep 14, 2000
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    Used Eden heads all over ebay usually. You could pick up a WT 300 or 400 for under $600.00 and you'll be a happy camper!
  4. srbguitar

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    Jul 19, 2002
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    the GK 800 Rb is an extreamly good amp but it is a little more than 600 i think i got mine for a little under 700 but that was when a guy at guitar center didn't even know that they had them in stock. but anyway now they're around 650 i think. its a great amp i haven't had any truble and it sounds awsome.
  5. a hartke 3500 or less and a Avatar cab.
  6. Used GK 800RB and avatar cab.